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Edwin Andrade Covarrubias has travelled all over places in South America as tour leader, also worked as professional tour guide along the Inca trail and alternative hiking adventures through the Andes and jungle tour and traditional tours guiding, working for big companies, that is the way, about us still guiding groups, in total already 20 years in this activity of looking after the groups and providing the tourist information, providing this type of work for travellers is from gaining some skill in the university of Cusco city for 5 years and afterwards, also she gained a lot of experience as tour guide too, for years , and now she is providing professional tourist service for the travelers in Peru, assenting in any plan have the travelers.

For the plans of tours running very well, we are working with professional people, who finished the university and gained experiences as tour guide and also in the office work of providing professional tourist service, this is for having our clients happy, since we are depending from tourism for the developing of our country and having some work for ourselves too.

As team workers in the office and tour guiding, we have dealt our experience from been former employees in different tour companies for years and now introducing these skills for making this local company growing in the successful way to satisfy our customers.

Our aim is still to make it possible for adventurous travelers to get out there – to explore and better understand the culture and nature of our country and spend your money wisely, also we believe travelers can make a positive contribution to the places you  visit.

We Customize Your Tour Itineray

Social R.


Chacras Travel Peru, believes and is committed in using Eco-tourism as a tool to encourage the protection of the natural environment. We endeavor to encourage a love and respect of nature through enhanced understanding and awareness, both in our staff and clients. With local communities we create frameworks were the eco-tourism business promotes truly sustainable use of pristine natural environments and nature. These benefits are shared equally and fairly with communities, with no loss to the natural world.
Wonderful and variety of Peru is awe-inspiring, that why we want to keep it that way.
On all our tours, we have a clean-up policy that must be respected by all our employees, taking out what you take in.
We use gas fuel for cooking all the meals on the trek.
We ensure local water is kept clean by avoiding using pollutant in stream or springs.
We limit deforestation; we do not make open fire and discourage others from doing so.
We avoid activities which threating wildlife or may be potentially damaging to our natural environment.


Chacras Travel Peru, is actively involved in setting up schemes for local people, porters and staff, such a clothing, education scheme, and are very committed to ensuring that the local people benefit through tourism.
Creating new jobs and opportunities to improve the life standards of the local people and their families
Fair treatment, decent wages for all our local employees and health insurance for our crew and staff
We use just local owned transportation and accommodation
An environmental sensitive and socially friendly tour operator
Prolonging the indigenous wisdom of the native Inca communities
Education scholarship for some individual who lack resources to realize their valuable potential
Our social work in Chacras Travel Peru, is effective in many isolated communities, training them in what they know (weaving, raising llamas, agricultural production and much more)
Chacras Travel Peru, is committed to share the spirit of Christmas giving and participates in activities distributing presents, meals and hot chocolate to around 300 children. All of these small activities could not happen without the support we have received from so many tourists “we could not have done it without YOU” we want to thank you sincerely for bringing out children’s shoes, clothes and education item which have been so gratefully for all the local community families. We are being grateful for the trust to travel with us



Your memorable and unforgettable experience during your holidays touring with Chacras Travel Peru.
High quality outstanding personalized service, tours and outdoor trips
We contributes greatly to the development of the tourism sector
To continue offering a service of quality, that the private or small groups do not have to be necessarily expensive, with a great human trained group and using high standard and comfortable camping equipment
To create in our visitors and in ourselves respect and admiration toward the legacy of the Inca Culture, their Philosophy, their respect and love to nature and reciprocity motivating the interest to learn more about the Andean and Pre Inca Culture and this would help and repel in their lives .


Exceeding expectation through effective, resourceful, caring service while inspiring the highest level of trust Top guides for top client. Continual quality improvement our trips, up-dating qualification of our staff and guides
Positive environment and social impact, environmentally sensitive company
All the groups are 100% operated by Chacras Travel Peru, and guaranteed departures
Create and generate job for our local community people who love and have passion in this work with effort and dedication to support their families for better life. The Peruvian government has never considered them in their plans of development. We think and feel this is an obligation and compromise for us.
Chacras Travel Peru Expectation And Goals
Our goal, operating and making our Tours and Excursions are a pleasing experience, comfortable and safe, applying original details and personal touches, but mainly demonstrating that customized attention is the base of a good service, always endorsed by the experience and the professionalism of our great working team. At end of your visit we want you to take home “a one of a kind” rewarding positive experience, that will resonate throughout your life. Encouraging and motivating you into learning more about this amazing Andean and Incas Civilization, sharing with each of you the sacred Inca wisdom, spiritual thought and practices. For the years to come we expect to continue providing an exceptional tours of this enchanted part of our earth Peru. “FUN, EDUCATIONAL, FULL OF ADVENTURE, SAFE & UNFORGETTABLE”
Here at Chacras Travel Peru, we understand that the time you spend with us should be well organized for an optimum authentic experience, through the cooperation of our handpicked well trained staff and work system. Any program you choose to take a part of, our Chacras Travel Peru agents feel the responsibility to follow you step by step, whether you’re on the trail or any time during your visit to ensure your comfort and total satisfaction.


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