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Take this amazing Ausangate Mountain Peru trek with plan Ausangate mountain hike plus jungle tour 7n8d, being the best combination to enjoy Peru Ausangate Trek, and see the snow-capped mountain and amazon jungle since this trek is close to the beginning of the amazon jungle, first, you watch plenty llamas and alpacas, and then see the beginning of the amazon jungle passing through bridges, then arrive at amazon jungle and see the wildlife for couple days, and stay in the safe amazon jungle lodge.

This adventure trekking to Ausangate is well recommended for the mountain lovers since you hike at the bottom of the snow-capped mountain,  then see some living culture people along the route, afterward, the connection to the  Puerto Maldonado jungle, then have day tours in the real jungle with staying in the Amazon jungle lodges

Ausangate Trek

This Ausangate trek is amazing since this trail has some remote villages, along the route, where live the living culture people, plus some beautiful lagoons.

Once, we are in the jungle, we ride the motorboat to the truly amazon jungle lodge and stay for a couple of nights, and see plenty of wildlife, like the first day, we go to monkey island and then also watch alligators on the bank of the Madre Dios river by night and next day we go the national park, and big lake to see more wildlife, so this program Ausangate mountain hike plus jungle tour 7n8d is the best trip in Peru.

Itinerary: For Trekking Ausangate

Day 1: Cusco – Ocongate – Tinqui – Upis

We leave from Cusco by private bus to the village of Urcos, and during the drive, we pass the main road going to the jungle of Puerto Maldonado, which is the high way linking Peru and Brazil countries, which is coming from the Pacific and going to Atlantic ocean, and then, we arrive at Tinqui Ocongate village and have some breakfast.

We start our expedition out of the village of Quinsapucyu, and we will end at Upis Huarmisaya hiking with sensational views including the spectacular snow-capped Mountain of Ausangate, and the top of this mountain  is located at 6,050 masl(19849 ft)

  • Overnight in a camping tent

Day 2: Upis – Pucacocha- Llamas-Alpacas-Some Inca People

After breakfast, we head over to Arapa pass which is uphill up to 4958 masl, and then a slight decline to our second camp near to lake Pucacocha, which means red lake and along the way we will observe different glacier peaks and bubbling streams like rivers and small lakes and then plenty alpacas and llamas.

So, you will be always with your tour guide, who will be telling you the places you walk and things you see, and we stay here overnight at Lake Pucacocha, which means the red lake with some introduced trout from Canada a long time ago and maybe we can have some fresh fish here, so this program tour named Ausangate mountain hike plus jungle tour 7n8d is amazing.

  • Overnight in a camping tent

Day 3: Pucacocha – Quinsacocha – Jampa

After our breakfast, we see a group of lagoons in the Quinsacocha sector and then we climb up to the highest pass of our trip at 5300 masl(1640ft) called Palomani Pass, where you will feel like you are in heaven, higher than all the other mountains and you can observe the great canyons and valleys of the Andes and sometimes can be Condors the biggest bird in the world.

So being in this pass is at the bottom of the Ausangate snow range mountain which is considered one of the gatekeepers of the water for the traditional people who are Incas ‘people because they speak Quechua language and then we will go downhill and arrives in our campsite named Campa.

  • Overnight in a camping tent

Day 4: Jampa – Qomercocha – Pacchanta

After waking you up and some breakfast time to see some alpacas and llamas then start climbing the uphill which takes 3 hours in order to get to the last pass at 4900 masl(16076) and from here we can observe some more glacier peaks and lakes, mainly here you are located between two snow range mountains and then we will descent to our lunch place.

After a short break, we hike for 3 hours downhill with great views of many natural lakes and small and big mountain and arrive at our last campsite located in a little village named Pacchanta, which is populated by farmers who speak Quechua and Spanish language, also the place is famous for some hot spring with plenty minerals to release the painful muscles.

  • Overnight in a camping tent

Day 5: Puerto Maldonado Jungle City Overnight In Tarantula Lodge

This is the last morning of our hiking of the mountains today we pack for the jungle of Puerto Maldonado city and having a well-paved bus road with many nice bridges to cross and views, so after breakfast and say goodbye to our hiking team we ride our car the way to the Puerto Maldonado observing the nice scenic views along the way and plenty Llamas and Alpacas on the way to the mega pass and then we start the beginning of the amazon jungle.

Then on the way we some boxed lunch with some views of waterfalls then we continue riding through the jungle area with some stops for the photos and maybe some bath in some streams and afterward finally arriving by night to our Lodge called Tarantula lodge in the city of Puerto Maldonado and have some dinner by 8:pm.

  • Overnight: Tarantula lodge

Day 6: Jungle Lodge And Monkey Irland

We wake you up by 5.am and then some breakfast and we ride our motorboat straight to the jungle lodge for 45 minutes and as soon as we get here we are accommodated in your boogaloo, having rooms made of wood and reed roof, where there will be optional rooms, single and double and then matrimonial and after some little break we go for the walk in the jungle and coming back for the lunch to the lodge.

Then we ride the motorboat for 30 minutes to the monkeys Ireland, where you will be enjoying the watching of the type of monkeys, and then when is close to getting dark, we will be back to the lodge, watching along the bank of the river at night some native caimans or alligators for an hour and then you will see for sure many alligators and then get back to the lodge for the dinner and overnight after being connected to the real jungle wildlife.

  • Included: Breakfast and lunch then dinner
  • Overnight: Jungle lodge

Day 7: Sandoval Lake National Reserve

After having the overnight in the properly jungle lodge with all the comfort and hearing the nice singing birds, time to wake up and having the jungle breakfast then being ready for your day tour and ride the boat for 30 minutes then time to walk through the national park named Sandoval lake, Tambopata National Amazonia Reserve then hike for 2 hours watching some wildlife on the way to the lake and then ride wooden canoe around the lake.

So we see monkeys and otters and some type of wild geese and sometimes some alligators and even more wildlife, it depends from the lucky day too and afterward time to come back walking to the bank of the river for riding the motorboat and go back to the lodge for the lunch then have some free afternoon time and then before dinner we go for the walk close to the lodge for finding some night creatures then dinner.

  • Included: Breakfast and lunch then dinner
  • Overnight jungle lodge

Day 8: Time To Find Some Parrots

Today time to wake you up very early to enjoy the daybreak in the boat on the way for the parrots and macaws, mainly before breakfast we go for an hour riding motorboat and looking for some species of parrots from small to big ones and finding them at cliffs of the bank of the river licking some clay, where they find some minerals to eliminate the toxin they eat from unripe seeds before the sunrise.

So this watching will be for an hour and then we will be back for the lodge and have some breakfast and then we leave the jungle lodge in the motorboat the way out to Puerto Maldonado city then you get option to go back to Cusco by bus or by flight, also you can fly to Lima city.

  • So this is the end of our mega trip of this program Ausangate mountain hike plus jungle tour 7n8d

 Included For Ausangate Mountain Hike Plus Jungle Tour 7N8D

  • Transportation by land and river
  • Overnights in camping tents at real jungle lodges
  • Full drinking water
  • Experienced and plus paramedic tour guide
  • Equipment for each excursion
  • Entrance fees to Lake Sandoval (INRENA)
  • Oxygen bottle for emergency
  • We assist you from the beginning to the end of the tour

Not Included For Ausangate Mountain Hike Plus Jungle Tour 7N8D

  • Flight Ticket
  • Tips for the workers

You Bring For Ausangate Mountain Hike Plus Jungle Tour 7N8D

• Get a shot for the yellow o dengue fever
•Lightweight, tight weave long cotton pants & long-sleeved cotton shirts
• A fleece and a windbreaker are advisable for cool evenings
• Good hiking shoes
• Sun hat/glasses and sunscreen
• Insect repellent with DEET
• Some flashlight and battery charger
• Personal gear, toiletries, extra charger batteries for cameras
• Your passport, yellow fever certificate, and extra money in plastic bags
• Some sandals
• If you have extra-large-sized feet we may not be able to find rubber boots in your size for the muddy trails as they are generally not available in Peru….so please bring old shoes for the muddy trails.

Price: Ausangate Mountain Hike Plus Jungle Tour 7N8D

• US$1300 Per Person

Note: We do some discounts for this program Ausangate mountain hike plus jungle tour 7n8d

How I Book This Ausangate Trek Plus Jungle?

For booking this trekking Ausangate & jungle, you have to send us some deposit of US$150 dollars through our Paypal account and Paypal charge the 7% from any amount of money to send, so that means you need to send us, US$160 and then the rest of the money in cash, when you arrive in Cusco city and then, you need to send us the following details to our Gmail: chacrastravelperu@gmail.com

  • The date of the tour and type of tour
  • Number of people
  • Address at Cusco city to pick you up for the following tours
  • Email and WhatsApp to keep in touch
  • Passport copy through WhatsApp to pay the Peruvian tax

Then, we send you an email confirmation of the deposit and the tour.
Note: The US$160 dollars deposit, is per person, for booking this tour, then the rest of the money in Cusco city in cash, it can be in dollars or soles, this is up to you, also please the final payment with good US$ bills, because the broken dollars bills no working in Peru.
This is our Paypal account to send the deposit:   deposit@chacrastravelperu.com


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