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The Cusco city night tour is located in Peru country in the Andes valley mountain at 3300 masl (10,826 feet) and Peru Cusco By Night Tour is famous because once was the Incas capital and now is one of the most beautiful Colonial places, so firstly this Cusco Night Tour takes you on the afternoon to the local San Pedro market, and then we take you to the statue of the white Christ, from where to have the nice views of Cusco city at night and great photo opportunities. Then, we go to the famous planetarium located above Cusco city, being the right place to enjoy this stellar display. Afterward, we go to the local restaurant and try the local night food and the local drink, and then we walk to the Plaza de Armas of Cusco city and then drop you off at your place. This afternoon city tour will give you,  the chance to know the Cusco streets and go to some traditional viewpoints to take some photos of Cusco city at night and try the local food as well.

Night City Tour In Cusco

Moreover, for the night walking tour in downtown Cusco city, you do not need the tourist ticket (Boleto Turistico) and besides that, the advantage of this tour is exploring the city as a local. Therefore, for this Cusco city night tour in Peru, you can ask for a specific starting time, according to your available schedule time you have, from 4:30 pm- although no later than 6:30 pm. Come with us, on this private Cusco by night tour, and see a side of Cusco city that many people miss, and also you can tell us the places you want to visit Cusco city.

Cusco At Night

Have a great night tour with going to the viewpoints to enjoy the video to Cusco city, such as Saint Cristobal church viewpoint, then we go for the Cristo Blanco and see some start over Cusco city, then we have the chance to go into the planetarium Cusco, and learn about some constellations over the Andes mountain in the south pole. So, we go to the important places of Cusco city with visiting the historical part in a safe way, and the viewpoints for the Cusco city

Price For Cusco Night Tour

  • For 2 people: US$30 each, without a planetarium
  • For 4 people: US$20 each, without a planetarium
  • Per person: US$70 with planetarium
  • We do some discount  for groups, just contact us for prices

Included For Cusco Night Tour

  • Private tourist transport
  • Experienced local tour guide

Places To Visit At Cusco City  At Night Tour

  • San Pedro local market (Optional)
  • Statue of the white Christ for the view of Cusco city
  • Cusco Planetarium
  • Plaza de Armas of Cusco
  • The famous, twelve angle stone street, close to the Plaza de Armas
  • The temple of the sun, named Koricancha
  • Local restaurant, close to plaza Cusco, where you try the traditional Cusco night food with the local drink

Not Included for Cusco City Night Tour

  • Food and drinks

 How I Book This Night Walking Tour Of Cusco?

For booking this tour, you have to send us some deposit of $20 dollars through our Paypal account and Paypal charge the 7% from any amount of money to send, and the %7 is charged to you, so that means you need to send us $22 and then the rest of the money in cash when you arrive in Cusco city and then, you need to send us the following details to our Gmail: chacrastravelperu@gmail.com
  • The date of the tour and type of tour
  • Number of people
  • Address at Cusco city to pick you up for the following tours
  • Gmail or WhatsApp to keep in touch
Then, we send you an email confirmation of the deposit and the tour. Note: The $22 dollars deposit, is for any number of people, for booking this tour, then the rest of the money in Cusco city in cash, it can be in dollars or soles, this is up to you and also please the final payment with good US$ bills, because the broken dollars bills no working in Peru. This is our Paypal account to send the deposit: deposit@chacrastravelperu.com

Photos Cusco city

Cusco street
Cusco plaza
Cusco church

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