We are Peru safe transport, with plan Cusco Van Transport And Tours, we do Cusco transport plus tours, on a friendly budget with pick ups and drop off at your places, and we have small vans and large vans, and buses. Moreover, all of our tourist transport has the permits given by the Ministry of transport in Peru.

Book with us Cusco Van Private Transport With Tours for the following tourist attractive sites, at your own pace with plenty of time for photos, and in addition, all our transports have comfortable seats and air conditioning for the hot days.

We have a range of Cusco Peru airport shuttles and private transfers, to the following tourist attractions places.
We start your holidays with reliable transport, which will get you where you need to be in Cusco Peru country.

Also, we provide you with great quality service, plus the information you require at the right moment,  and we bring an oxygen tank to help you with altitude sickness problems.

Therefore, we do the Cusco city tour then Sacred valley and Maras Moray salt mine, and also van from Cusco airport transfer to Urubamba town, Ollantaytambo, then rainbow mountains, such as Vinicunca and Palccoyo, then Queswachaka Inca bridge, Tipon Pikillacta, and train stations with pickups at the airport Cusco, then tours to Perolniyoc waterfall and Ñaupa Iglesia with taxis and vans, since Cusco city or from anywhere you are to any places you want to go.

To book your ride or find out more information about our shuttle service in Cusco, Puno, Peru, feel free to give us a call at +51 943 388685, and also you can read our real reviews from our real clients on Trip Advisor company.

In conclusion, in Peru about transport for tourists, we need to set up a transport company and pay higher taxes to transport tourists, and moreover, we pay expensive insurance for tourists, so we get permission to transport tourists in a safe way and the police ask for this permission always, which is named ( Circulation Red Card ).

Moreover, we wait for you at the airport and the bus terminal in a safe way, holding a sign with your name on it, also we deliver the best service with lots of information, an enjoyable experience, comfort, and safety of our travelers with satisfaction and priority.

Also, we are dedicated to ensuring that every step of the journey, down to the last detail with our experiences.

Cusco Airport  Shuttle

We are a local transport company with based in Cusco city and we organize van and taxi transport in a safe way at Cusco region in Peru country, and we do Cusco Airport Transport and train stations, also we go to all tourist attraction places in Cusco with the option of having a professional tour guide.

So, you just let’s know your plan transport at Cusco region, and we will be happy to provide you our safe transport service with a personal touch, moreover, we work 24 hours.

Description Of Cusco Transport And Tours

This private day transport with Vans and Minivans at Cusco city Peru is one of the safe tourist destinations, for travelers here in Cusco, Peru, with new brands of Mercedes Benz and Renault with a high roof and comfortable seats to discover all the tourist attractions of Cusco, Peru, mainly the most magical places on the planet, like the sacred valley of the Incas then Maras Moray and Machu Picchu and rainbow mountains.

So, we drive you through the Inca site Pisac, then to the incredible Ollantaytambo site, then the next day you can go to Machu Picchu, then on the way back to Cusco city, you can have a look at Maras salt mine and Moray, then next day go to the rainbow mountains of Palccoyo or Vinicunca.

Moreover, we follow your travel itinerary and your scheduled time, and also we do airport transfers upon arrival and departure and tours that fit your itinerary.

Our staff For Cusco, Peru Private Transport Plus Tours

We are an experienced team, for customizable and comfortable tours with based in Cusco city, and having small group tours and big ones led by friendly local guides to ensure you get the most from your experience, moreover, we provide new cars, since taxis and minivans, buses with oxygen tanks, for your safety and comfort of your trip.

So, plan your vacations with our most recommended local Peruvian company for Cusco Private Day Tours and transport and Machu Picchu private day trip, so we take care of every detail and there will be always a representative to meet you at the airport, train station, and hotels and this makes traveling very easy for you here in Cusco Peru Machu Picchu.

Prices: For Transport In Cusco

Private City Tour Cusco With Taxi And Van

For this city tour of Cusco, we follow your schedule time, living in two times, in the morning and in the afternoon, from 8:am up to 1:pm, then in the afternoon from 1:pm to 6:pm and we visit the 4 Inca sites out of Cusco city in your own pace, named Saqsayhuaman, Qenqo, Puca Pucara then Tambomachay, afterward we take you to white Christ for the view of Cusco city then back to Cusco city.

  • Taxi for 4 people: US$75 and optional tour guide US$80, this tour takes 5 hours
  • Minivan for 14 people: US$140 and tour guide US$90, this tour takes 5 hours

Not Included For Private City Tour Cusco Peru

  • The entrance fees to the Inca sites and the temple of the sun and the cathedral church of Cusco, you pay in soles and cash for the tickets and you get them at the Inca sites and the churches, so that means to bring some cash for the tickets
  • The cost for 4 Inca sites as day tickets is 70 soles
  • The Cathedral of Cusco is 25 soles
  • Temple of the sun Koricancha is 15 soles

Price: For Private Sacred Valley Of The Incas With Taxi And Van

This Sacred Valley Private Day Tour is leaving from Cusco by 8:am, then back to Cusco city by 6:20 pm and first visiting the alpaca farming place, then we go to Pisaq Inca site and the market, and then we go for Urubamba town for some lunch then to Ollantaytambo Inca site and afterward to Chincheros then Cusco city.
Also, we can do this tour in the opposite direction, starting from Chincheros then Ollantaytambo and Urubamba then Pisaq, and afterward Cusco, in this way we can avoid the congestion of tourists at the Inca sites.

  • Taxi for 4 people: US$100 and tour guide US$80, this tour takes 10  hours
  • Minivan for 14 people: US$185 and tour guide US$100, this tour takes  5 hours

Not Included For Sacred Valley Private Tour Cusco Peru

  • The entrance fee is 70 soles per person and you pay this in soles and cash at the first Inca site
  • Lunch, the price for lunch at Urubamba town is around 49 soles

Price: For Maras Salt Mine Moray Tour With Taxi And Van

This tour is amazing, having this plan Taxi And Tour Maras Moray from Cusco in a private way and have plenty of time to explore and photos and also do some hike to the Inca warehouses and enjoy the outstanding views to the sacred valley of the Incas and then you let us know to drop you off, where you want.

  • Taxi for 4 people: US$90 and tour guide US$80, this tour takes 6  hours
  • Minivan for 14 people: US$185 and tour guide US$90, this tour takes  6 hours

Not Included For Private Maras Moray Tour

  • The entrance fee to the Inca site Moray, which  is 70 soles
  • Salt mine Maras 10 soles per person

Price: For Private Perolniyoc Waterfall And Ñaupa Iglesia

We will take you by  Taxi To Perolniyoc Waterfall And Ñaupa Iglesia from Cusco city or from anywhere you are, like the sacred valley, and have a nice walk for 45 minutes, then see this amazing waterfall and also on top of it an Inca site called Qorimarka then way back and visit the famous Inca site called Ñaupa Iglesia surrounded by terraces and afterward we ride you back to your place.
This transport service and the tour are a full day, from 8:am to 5:30 pm

  • Taxi for 4 people: US$100 and tour guide US$70, this tour takes 8  hours
  • Minivan for 14 people: US$180 and tour guide US$90, this tour takes  8 hours

Not Included For Perolniyoc Waterfall And Ñaupa Iglesia

  •  Some food

Price: For Rainbow Mountain With Taxi And Van

  • Taxi for 4 people: US$110 and optional tour guide US$80
  • Minivan for  14 people: US$185 and optional tour guide US$80

Not Included For Private Taxi  And Minivan For Rainbow Mountain

  • The entrance fee, which is 25 soles per person
  • Some food

Note: For Cusco Private Transport Plus Tours

For Cusco Private Transport Plus Tours, we follow your scheduled time, and we take a private tour at your own pace.

Price: For Queswachaka Inca Bridge Day Tour With Taxi And Van

For this Taxi To Queswachaka Inca Bridge  Day Tour we pick you up by 6:am then we ride you through a nice valley, which is full of small communities and see also 4 lagoons along the road and see sheepherders and the smallest volcano in the world, then llamas and alpacas with living culture people at height altitude then cross the bridge and then way back to Cusco city, arriving by 4:pm.

  • Taxi rate: US$125 and optional tour guide US$70
  • Minivan rate: US$185 and optional tour guide US$60

Not Included For Private Taxi And Minivan To Queswachaka Inca Bridge

  • The entrance fee, per person, is 10 soles
  • Some food

Taxi Rate And Minivan From Cusco To Chivay Village

We ride our private Minivan and Taxi from Cusco to Chivay in a safe way, mainly for this service we pick you up at your place and then we bring some oxygen tank in the car for your safety for the height altitude, then we ride through the main road to Sicuani then to the top of the brown Andes mountains for 7 hours, then also along the route we see plenty llamas and alpacas.

Afterward arriving at this nice village named Chivay. So you will enjoy this ride with our program private taxi and minivan service from Cusco to Chivay town.

  • Taxi rate: US$500
  • Minivan rate: US$750

How To Book This Tour Cusco Private Transport Plus Tours

For booking this transport service, you have to send us, a deposit of $20 dollars through our PayPal account, and PayPal charges 7% from any amount of money to send, and the %7 is charged to you, so that means you need to send us US$22 and then the rest of the money in cash when you arrive in Cusco city and then, you need to send us the following details to our WhatsApp number +51 943 388685.

  • The date of the tour and type of tour
  • Number of people
  • Address in Cusco city to pick you up for the following tours
  • Email  to keep in touch
  • Passport copy,  the profile side to pay the Peruvian tax

Then, we send you an email confirmation of the deposit and the tour.
Note: The $22 dollars deposit, is for any number of people, for booking this tour, then the rest of the money in Cusco city in cash, it can be in dollars or soles, this is up to you, and also please the final payment with good US$ bills, because the broken dollars bills no working in Peru.

This is our PayPal account to send the deposit:    deposit@chacrastravelperu.com


What Is The Cost Of The Tourist Ticket?

We have two types of tickets, the day ticket is 70 soles and the 10-day ticket to visit all the Inca sites is 130 soles you can buy them at the first Inca site control and in soles and cash, so they do not work with credit cards, MasterCard, and visa card, so that means to bring some cash soles.

Note: If you are going to visit the salt mine named Maras, you have to pay 10 soles per person in cash, and the salt mine belongs to a peasant community and they work in a cooperative way in the salt pools and so the salt is imported and exported from this place and is the most famous the pink salt for being purer and cleaner

Where Can I Buy The Tickets For The Day Tour At Cusco City??

  • You can buy it along the route at the first Inca site control in cash and only in soles

Do We Need To Pay Extra For The Salt Mine Maras ??

  • Yes, you need to pay extra 10 soles  since the boleto turistico is not included in the salt mine

How Many Places Do We visit With 70 Soles And 130 Soles Tourist Tickets?

We have many day tours to visit with these tickets

  • With 70 soles ticket for city tour Cusco and visit 4 Inca sites, Saqsayhuaman, Qenqo, Puca Pucara, Tambomachay
  • The  70 soles day ticket is for the Sacred Valley of the Incas and visits, Pisaq, Ollantaytambo, Chincheros
  • 70 soles  day ticket for Moray
  • 70 soles day ticket for Tipon and  Pikillacta
  • 130 soles for all the Inca sites in the Cusco region

At What Time The Archaeological Sites Are Closed

  • All the Inca sites are open by 7:am then closed at 5:pm

How Do I Have Some Lunch During The Tours ?

  • You can buy your lunch along the route or you can bring your own lunch

What Time Does The Tour Start And Finish?

Usually, the tour starts at 8:am and finishes by 6:20 pm but if you need to be earlier back from the tours, you just let us know, anyway, we are flexible with the time schedule for your tours, and we take care of it from the door to door.

 Discount For Cusco Private Transport Plus Tours

Yes is possible to have some discount for the following tours, mainly when you get a package tour, you just let us know to our Gmail:  chacrastravelperu@gmail.com

It Is Possible Just To Hire Van And Tour Guide

Yes, it is possible to hire just the van with a tour guide for any place you want, you just let us know to our Gmail then we will be happy to help you: chacrastravelperu@gmail.com

Can I Choose The Types Of Vans ??

Yes, you can choose the types of vans we have:

  • Van Mercedez-Benz: 22 seats
  • Renault Master van: 16 seats
  • Mitsubishi buses: 28  seats
  • Hyundai minivan H-1: 7 seats

How Do I Get From Cusco To Urubamba?

Mainly in Cusco city, we have many ways to get some transport then ride for the sacred valley Urubamba province, which takes an hour and 45 minutes, so the first way is by taxi and you get the contact from them, through your hotels, internet or the other way is to go for Pavitos street, which takes 15 minutes walking, from the main plaza, where you find many local taxis.

However, riding taxis to Urubamba from Cusco city is recommended by serious companies, which is safer, for example, if you go by local taxi you go with local people and if you fall asleep, maybe you lose some stuff, so that is the way is better by a serious private company transport, and if you forget something in the taxi, you can get it back, so our company Chacras Travel Peru has taxis, vans, buses for the tourist transport.

So, we do our transport in a safe way, and also we have some oxygen tank for high altitude sickness, also we work 24 hours

Note: If you take some transport on your own, the drivers stop at some handicrafts places on the route, with excuses to use the bathroom, then make you buy some souvenirs, in other to get some commission, if you buy some stuff, so this means you lose your time in these places.

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