Experience the beauty Tour Puno Lake Titicaca located in Peru, with daily tours Puno Uros Floating Islands, and be guided by an expert tour guide for Floating Island of Uros Peru. Also, this lake was sacred for important ancient cultures of Tiwanaku and Incas, and it is located at 3,841 masl (12,601 ft).

Also, you can do a tour of the floating islands in two schedules, in the morning, then in the afternoon in a shared group.

So, receive your personalized quote for this day trip on a friendly budget, and discover the beauty of the famous floating island named Uros with us, located on the famous lake Titicaca in Peru country. 

Note: In the private group, you can go anytime you are ready for the floating islands of Uros, since from Puno port is only 25 minutes to ride the motorboat to these magical islands.

Uros Islands Puno Peru

Therefore, this lake is the second-largest in South America and the highest navigable lake in the world, and, it is more than 8000 square kilometers and is shared with Bolivia and Peru countries.

So, this lake has many islands, like on Peru’s side, and we have the traditional islands named Amantany and Taquile, then the famous floating island of Uros, inhabited by local people with some Inca sites, named Pachatata and Pachamama.

Fauna  And Flora Inside The Lake And Outside

Due to the purity of its waters the life of varied fauna composed of Andean ducks and alpacas, then llamas, and multiple species of fish is encouraged, and as a flora contains 12 varieties of aquatic plants.

And the most important and representative is totora, and in English named (Andean reeds) a herb that can measure between one and two meters high.

Also, at the lakeside town of lake Titicaca has used these reeds to build rafts and mats, then crafts, and also make floating Irelands, also during the tour riding the motorboat at Lake Titicaca we can see many floating  Irelands which are made by local people and living on them and keep their ancestor skills.

How is about the Yaravi Ship

This ship is the oldest ship on Lake Titicaca and was built in the port, and nowadays is open as a museum and bar, and it is moored next to the jetty from which the launches to the Uros leave and also this ship was built in England in 1862 and was shipped in kit form to Arica and then by rail to Tacna village and then by mule to Lake Titicaca so the journey took six years.

About Puno City

Today, the city of Puno 3,812 masl, which lies on the shores of Lake Titicaca, the highest navigable lake in the world, is the folklore capital of Perú and the site of the feast of the Virgen de la Candelaria. In the outside city of Puno, you can visit the most impressive burial towers made by the Collas small empire in the Incas time in South America.

And also you can visit the Colonial churches, lamp with its vice royal church made between 1675. And another beautiful place is known as Pucapucara, where the artisans made nice souvenirs from clay.

Itinerary: Daily Tours Puno Uros Floating Islands

In The Morning And Afternoon

The Uros Floating Island In The Morning Half-Day Tour

We pick you up at 7:40 am for the port and then we ride our comfortable motorboat on the second floor to enjoy much better panoramic views of the lake and the floating islands our guides are in (Spanish / English) so they will take us to the floating islands of Uros where you will see around 20 floating islands with a population of 5 thousand people.

So here we have some explanations and the introduction with locals and then time to go back to Puno, arriving by 12:pm.

Not Included For Uros Puno Peru

  • Food is not included

The Uros Floating Island In The Afternoon Half Day Tour

We pick you up at your Hotel at 1:20 pm and then take you down to the port for riding the comfortable motorboat on the second floor for the panoramic views of the lake and the floating islands and watching along the way some type of reeds and birds and also some type of ducks.

So, we arrive at Uros floating island in 30 minutes, and then have a great time with the islanders like knowing their culture, and their skills conserved from their ancestors like making potatoes dehydrated, and then time to get back to Puno by 5: pm

• Meals are not included

Included For Daily Tours Puno Uros Floating Islands

  • Round-trip transfers from your Hotel to the port
  • Motorboat transport ( Classic motor boat 11 km/h )
  • Bilingual Spanish & English experienced speaking guide.
  • Entrance fees

Not Included For Daily Tours Puno Uros Floating Islands

  • The supplemental charge per person is US$ 7.00 per transfer from Outside city Hotels ( Libertador, Posada del Inka etc. )
  • Tips
  • Food or drinks
  • For Hotel Outside the city: Libertador, Posada del Inca or sim. Extra $ 4.0

Bring For Daily Tours Puno Uros Floating Islands

  • T-shirt, optionally a long-sleeved shirt
  • Long trousers, optionally shorts (extra)
  • Warm clothing and a jacket or a fleece
  • Raincoat or rain poncho
  • Hat and sunglasses
  • Sunscreen (sunblock) is very important
  • Camera and film
  •  Bring some money in Peruvian currency for some handy crafts

Price For Daily Tours Puno Uros Floating Islands

  • Group Tour US$ 20.00
  • Private Tour Per Person US$ 49.00

Note: We do some discounts for groups

Photos Uros Floating Island lake Titicaca

On the to Uros
Uros floating island
The boat for the floating Uros island

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