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Experiential Tourism Cusco Maras Salt Mine


Experiential Tourism Cusco Maras Salt Mine

Itinerary 3D/2N

This Experiential Tourism Cusco Maras Salt Mine In Peru is one of the connections with local people who keep the skills from theirs ancestors and they speak Quechua language and a little bit of Spanish and the community is named Kacllaraccay surrounded  by snow capped mountains.

where you will participate in the daily activities of the locals of the  village and also visit the Inka archaeological site of Moray, and the colonial town of Maras and the salt mines wells located at the slope of the red mountain, with the view to Sacred Valley of the Incas and the snow capped mountains.

First Day: Cusco – Kacllaraccay

We also pick you up from where you are and then  head in a private car  to the community of Kacllaraccay and will visit the homes of the inhabitants consists of more than 15 families.

Then we have some lunch in the open field and you can visit their homes and see their daily habits and then we spend the night at the selected local family house.

  • Included: Lunch and dinner in the house of the local families
  • Overnight: Local home stay

Second Day : Activities In The Village Of Kacllaraccay

Kacllaraccay so this  day will be a wonderful and unforgettable experience because we will participate in daily activities and customs and then traditions.

After a typical breakfast we go with one of the families to learn  how to do the farm and being with animals and then we will have a typical lunch at the village house and  then at night we have some  dinner.

  • Included: breakfast and lunch and then dinner with local people
  • Overnight: Local home stay

Third Day: Visit To Maras – Moray – Salineras

Today after early breakfast we go to the beautiful Inca fortress Moray, which is hiking about an hour  then we visit the archaeological site  of Moray, which has been used by Incas, like terraces of agricultural experimentation and see this amazing place with many round terraces and being 100 hundred meter deep.

Aftrer this place we go to the famous salt mines Maras known for quality nutrient salt and currently the salt has approximately 3,000 small pools and after exploring, will be time for the packed lunch and afterward we be appreciating the mountains and landscape surrounding this impressive places and then we take you back to Cusco and drop you off at your place.

Included: Breakfas and packed lunch


Included For Experiential Tourism Cusco Maras Salt Mine

Professional Guides:

All of our guides studied English and Tourism at University and then also they grew up in this region and they have a true passion to teach their inherited history from their ancestors and also help you with some medical help, since we are trained in medical first aid.

 Briefing For Experiential Tourism Cusco Maras Salt Mine

The night before you go to the local town you will have some briefing with your guide and also he will be your translator from Quechua language and Spanish and these local people are very friendly and humble and always, they like to work for better life, especially for their children.

So mainly the men from  these towns are employed for the famous Inca Trail as porters which is one of the main income as well and also they are very dedicated to farming  of the fields and farm animals, such as sheep and cattle and guinea pig so You will participate in this activity in tour called experiential tourism Cusco Maras salt mine.

The Way They Get Type  Food

They do the exchange with the crops they grow at the local markets on Sundays at different communities and also every Sunday morning they go to the small churches where they have some mass, provided from the Cusco city priest being Catholics and this  religion has been introduced by the Spaniards 500 year ago.

Also they have some festivals ones per year which is like mega holidays for all of the communities of  local people which is being the day of the patron saints and celebrated for 8 days with drinking the famous Inca beer made of fermented corn and eating roasted guinea pig so this is part of the experiential tourism Cusco Maras Salt Mine.

Overnight For Experiential Tourism Cusco Maras Salt Mine

We stay in the remote houses made by the locals and using the loose soil as mud brick and being tiled roof with some small clay bulls on the top of the roof as a tradition of being local farmers and traditional people.


Price For Experiential Tourism Cusco Maras Salt Mine

Per person:  US$555

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