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Famous Rainbow Mountain 4 Days

Famous Rainbow Mountain 4 Days

Rainbow Mountain Cusco with plan famous Rainbow Mountain 4 days trek with hiking through snowcapped mountains of the andes located close to Cusco city and being the biggest peak in southern Cusco region and offers you a traditional circuit around Ausangate and one very non-traditional to Vinicunca and you end up doing two treks in the area.

So in this trip you see amazing snow capped mountains and beautiful lakes, surrounded by plenty llama and alpacas  and also sometimes we can see some native vicuñas and then the native people, who speak Quechua language while this language has been spoken in Machupicchu 600 years ago and then hiking aside of the famous rainbow mountain and afterward we ride our car the way back to Cusco city, after amazing hike to famous rainbow mountain  4 days.


Type Of  Trip:

  • Adventure, and natureand then culture
  • Travel style: trekking with camping and local communities and the highest mountainn is 5200 masl, and being shepherd’s paths.


• Vinicunca the rainbow mountain and nice red mountain
• Ausangate (The Andean Worldview´s most important Sacred Mountain)
• Quechua-speaking Inca descendants
• Camping over the moonlight

 Itinerary: For Famous Rainbow Mountain 4 Days

Day 1. Cusco Arapa
DAY 2. Samacancha and  four lagoons
DAY 3. Surapampa and Yauricunca
DAY 4. Vinicunca and Cusco

Day 1. Cusco Arapa Tinqui

This early morning we ride our car to  Cuzco 3326 masl to Tinqui up to 3800 masl and we acclimatize our badies to the higher altitude for a while and then at the beginning of the trail we have some breakfast and afterward we hike for  5 hours  up to pass named Arapa (4757masl).

Then after pass we have some lunch and then camping at the base of this mountain, so this day is hard hike but is worth doing and then as soon as we get to the campsite we get some tea and hot water for the wash up and later dinner.
• Breakfast and lunch then dinner
• Overnight in camping tents

Day 2. Samacancha Four Lagoons

After breakfast we hike through the Ausungate region and being amazing colorful mountains and four lagoons Yanaccocha then  Vinoccha and then Huchuypucaccocha and Hatunccocha and also the magical landscape of Vinicunca.

And along the trail we meet quechua-speaking inca descendants people who live up here in the  mountains and beside that we see plenty Llamas and alpacas and sometimes wild Vicuñas and then arriving to the camp in  6 hours  to the place named Hatunccocha.
• Breakfast and lunch then  dinner
• Overnight in camping tents

DAY 3. Surapampa Yauricunca

This day after breakfast we hike aside of  colorful lakes and nice mountains and then some climb with plenty brakes and arriving  into the high pampas – rugged meadows of long grass across to Apacheta Pass (4850masl).

Then we hike the trail to another mountain pass and walk by Lake Ausangate which is surrounded by rugged mountain peaks and the great valley below and camp at the place called SURAPAMPA .
• Breakfast and lunch then dinner
• Overnight in camping tents

DAY 4. Vinicunca Rainbow Mountain Then Cusco

After breakfast we hike to Puca punta  place with red sandstone, which is sediment formations and having a wonderful experience and here we can see some vicuñas then the climb to Vinicunca mountains which are colorful streaks of moountains.

And once we arrive here to the view point of this mountain the views is extremely amazing then have time for the photos and then ready for the downhill for 3 hours for our car and afterward 3 hours the way back to Cusco city and we drop you off at your place in Cusco city, this being the end of our famous rainbow mountain 4 days.


What You Need To Bring

Famous Rainbow Mountain 4 Days

  • Long sleeved shirts
  • Polar or thermal clothing
  • Sweater and Warm jacket
  •  Thermal sleeping clothes.
  • Good hiking boots
  • Waterproof pants and jacket for the rainy season
  • Wool gloves and some scarf
  • Wool socks for sleeping
  • Hat or cap for the sun
  • Sleeping bag (If you don’t have one so please ask for assistance)
  • Water bottle for the first day until lunch time
  • Sunglasses and some sunscreen
  • Hiking poles (we some hiking sticks for rent)
  • Good flashlight


Included For Famous Rainbow Mountain 4 Days

• Experienced plus paramedic tour guide
• Private transport round trip
• Accommodation: Camping in tent
• Plenty delicious food and drinking water
•  First aid kit and oxygen tank

Not Included For Famous Rainbow Mountain 4 Days

  •  Tipping for the workers

Dificulte Level

Vinicinca Hiking Dificulte Level

Note that everyone’s perception of “difficult” or “easy” is relative! Chacras Travel People had people complete a trek and say it was easy and while another person’s on the very same trek found it to be one of the most challenging (yet rewarding) physical feats they’d ever accomplished.

There are many factors that influence your perception and including your overall fitness level and your attitude about traveling and camping in a foreign country. The elevations at which our treks take place add a layer of difficulty in and of themselves.

Vinicunca Altitude & Acclimatization

The Altitude in this region affects different people in different ways but common symptoms of altitude sickness include headache and nausea and loss of appetite and then trouble with sleep and lack of energy so to prevent altitude sickness we recommend you always remain well hydrated, gradually expose yourself to higher elevations and exercise moderately until altitude acclimatized and get plenty of rest.

Most importantly we suggest that you arrive in Cusco at least 2 to 3 days prior, because altitude issues are intricately tied to dehydration and once in Cusco you should increase your fluid intake as MUÑA tea (tastes like mint) or Coca tea and makes you feel better.


Price For Famous Rainbow Mountain 4 Days

Per person $US 550.00

Note: We do some discount this year 2017

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