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Horseback Ride Rainbow Mountain Day Trip

Horseback Ride Rainbow Mountain Day Trip

This Horseback Ride Rainbow Mountain day trip close to Cusco is amazing and surrounded by beautiful mountains and mainly the rainbow mountain with amazing views and also one entire snow mountain called Ausangate  mountain and then on the way doing the horseback riding you see plenty alpacas and llamas in the wild way and Inca people, living in houses made of mudbrick and thatched roof so therefore this trip is connection with the Andes mountains and you will get the best experience of your trip in Cusco.


Itinerary: Horseback Ride Rainbow Mountain Day Trip

We pick you up at 4:am  at your place and  then we ride our private car to the beginning of our the trip for 3 hours and then some breakfast  and afterward, we hike for 15 minutes to the horse places then do the horseback riding for 3 hours the way up and the way down too, so it means 6 hours horseback riding around trip and then the way back to Cusco city for another 3 hours by car and then we drop you off at your hotel.

What You Expect

What You Expect In Your Trip

During the horseback riding to rainbow mountain you see  Quechua people who speak Quechua language and this language in Machupicchu 500 hundred year ago so that means these people are Incas ancestors, according to the Peruvian archaeologists the noble class from the Inca time took refuge at the beginning of the amazon jungle, at the place called Vilcabamba another Inca site and then the farmers and servants took refuge at top of the Andes mainly here in the rainbow mountain.

By the end the rainbow mountain is the formation when the Tectonic plates collided from the Pacific and the Atlantic and then happened a nice formation of minerals like streaks and therefore these mountains offering the best outstanding colored views and also you see one snowcapped mountain and named Ausangate also some red mountains.


What Includes

  • Breakfast and lunch
  • Private transport
  • paramedic & adult expereience English speaking tour guide
  • Oxygen bottle and some First aid kit
  • Some water


Price: Horseback Ride Rainbow Mountain Day Trip

Per person: $230.00

Note: We have some discount this year 2017 and also in our following tours

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