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Come with us, for PERU AMAZON JUNGLE  tour Cusco Peru 2 overnights plus bus for Puerto Maldonado Amazon jungle, where the Amazon jungle tour is well protected, so this plan is for ones, who do not have enough time to be in the jungle, but with this plan, we go for the jungle, the 2 overnight is by bus, and the one day is the jungle day tour, and see most of the wildlife.

Therefore, this is the way, how you go for the jungle, since Cusco city, riding through the brown Andes mountains, then through the beginning of the Amazon jungle, afterward through the real jungle in a safe way, since the road is well paved and linked two countries, Peru and Brasil and named transoceanic road. So riding a car is 10 hours, from Cusco city to the jungle Puerto Maldonado.

So, as soon as, we arrive at the bus station, we go to ride the motorboat through the heart of the Amazon jungle, and then start finding some wildlife in the Sandoval lake, such as otters, monkeys and then some birds and turtles, alligators, and tarantulas and see small creatures of the Amazon jungle, only in one day, and afterward bus way back to Cusco city and then we drop you off at your place.

Note: You can get the option to ride the small airplane the next day to Cusco city and the cost is about $70 this is up to you.

Distance By Bus And Flight

  • The journey by bus is 465 kilometers from Cusco to Puerto Maldonado and 10 hours
  • By flight, it is less than an hour.

Itinerary For  Peru Jungle Tour From Cusco

Day one: Cusco City Puerto Maldonado Overnight Back To Cusco City

Overnight by bus from Cusco to Puerto Maldonado and arriving in the morning to the bus station, so the time we get here is according the bus time we can take from Cusco and then taxi for few minutes to the port of the river called Madre de Dios and ride the motorboat and have some packed breakfast, so riding the motorboat takes 30 minutes and then time to walk for 2 hours through the jungle.

So, the national park is called Sandoval Lake and at the end finding the magic lake and time to row the wooden boat at the lake and looking the wildlife and then the way back to hike less than two hours to our motorboat and cross the river for few minutes and get through the monkey island and watch some species of monkeys.

Afterward, we go back to our motorboat, then have some snacks, then once is getting dark, we are ready to see some alligators, on the bank of the Madre Dios river, then back to Puerto Maldonado city, then have some dinner in some of the restaurants.

Then we ride an overnight bus, back to Cusco city.

Included: For Jungle Tour Cusco, Peru 2 Overnights Plus Bus

  • Some food during the trip and drinking water
  • Bus rides
  • Experience tour guide
  • Motorboat
  • Entrance fees to the national park
  • Tour leader, from the beginning to the end
  • Taxi rides

Bring For Jungle Tour Cusco Peru 2 Overnights Plus Bus

  • Get a shot for the yellow o dengue fever
  • A small daypack
  • Lightweight, tight weave long cotton pants & long-sleeved cotton shirts
  • A fleece and a windbreaker are advisable for cool evenings
  • Light rain gear (poncho) for sudden downpours
  • Sneakers or other low-heeled walking shoes are essential
  • Sun hat/glasses and sunscreen
  • Insect repellent is a must, preferably with deet
  • Good binoculars and a flashlight or headlight
  • Personal gear like toiletries and extra charger batteries for cameras
  • A few energy snacks will be useful
  • If you have extra-large-sized feet we may not be able to find rubber boots in your size for the muddy trails as they are generally not available in Peru and please bring some old shoes for the muddy trails.

Price Information Jungle Tour Cusco Peru 2 Overnights Plus Bus

  • US$350.00 Per Person

Note: We do some discounts, you just let us know to our Gmail or WhatsApp number at +51 943388685

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