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Kayaking Lake Titicaca Puno is a real adventure trip doing Kayaking tour lake Titicaca Puno with Peru Kayaking Lake Titicaca with an expert team and being one of the wonderful experience and unique in Puno city at the sacred lake and watching all the species of ducks and birds and totora vegetation which grows in the shallow part of the lake.

Then we visit also the famous floating islands of Uros with local people and learn about their tradition and the way how to make the floating islands with vegetation that grows on the banks of this famous sacred lake of the Inca Titicaca lake.

The Titicaca Travel Peru

The Titicaca lake is situated in the department of Puno at 3,900 masl(12,795ft), and area of  8,200 km2 surface, and considered the highest navigable lake in the world so the Lake Titicaca has the deepest part near the island Soto in Peru and reaches 280 meters and has a length of 1,150 km of banks and more than 30 islands and the volume of 840 cubic kilometers.

Also, the amount of water in the lake helps to maintain the solar heat creating a variety of temperatures at night and during the day, which helps the Islanders to grow the type of tubers and vegetables, and also the famous quinoa and also helps in the habitat of many species of ducks.

This kayaking sport is well recommended at the famous Lake Titicaca in Puno city with all the equipment included, and also the visiting to the famous Uros floating islands.

[tabby title=»Itinerary»]

Daily Departure: For Kayaking Tour Lake Titicaca Puno


We pick you up from your hotel at 8:am and then we ride you to the port, where we have some kayak instructor teaching and afterward we ride our kayac through the lake Titicaca and heading to the famous floating Uros islands for an hour and then we meet with the locals and then we will back to Puno city by 11:30 am and we drop you off at your hotels.


  • We will have a kayak instructor provided and you do not need previous experience for this sport.

[tabby title=»Included»]

Included: For Kayaking Tour Lake Titicaca Puno

• Instructor guide (English / Spanish)
• Admission ticket to Uros island
• Transfer Htl / Port / Htl
• All equipment for Kayaking (wet suit)
• First aid kit

 Not Included For Kayaking Tour Lake Titicaca Puno

• Travel insurance
• Water  and tips

[tabby title=»Bring»]

What To Bring:

• Positive mind
• Personal medication
• Confort sandals
• Good fitness
• Water
• Snack

[tabby title=»Price»]

Price For Half-Day Kayak Floating Uros

  • Per Person: US$80

Price For Full Day Kayak Uros Plus Taquile

  • Per Person: US$120

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