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Lares Valley Cusco Day Trip Plus Car

Lares Valley Cusco Day Trip Plus Car

Book your Lares Trek Tour and explore the Lares Valley Cusco day trip plus car being the best way to see the wild llamas and alpacas in Lares Trek Peru and also the last few years this trek has been becoming more popular especially since the number of trekkers on the classic Inca trail has been limited and permits are selling out 5 or 6 months in advance so the advantage of this trip is that permits is not required.

If you have one day free in Cusco we suggest you book it in order to enjoy the beautiful outstanding landscape of the Andes mountain range, so we go from Cusco until the hot spring of Lares Valley and on the way to the highest pass you will see plenty llamas and alpacas in the wild way and Inca living culture people with some site in this program Lares valley Cusco day trip plus car.

Transport To Lares Valley Cusco Day Trip Plus Car

In this tour we ride our car through the Sacred Valley and aside of  Vilcanota river and passing beautiful farming green valleys, and seeing mega mountain and high passes with breathtaking views of snow-capped andean peaks rising up to 6,000 masl and also our route takes us through some small villages which offers marvelous and fascinating insight into traditional andean life.

There are several Andean communities that are visited along the way are famous for producing high-quality handmade textiles using natural dyes and we see weaving Inca people and we interact with them and learn more about them like why they speak Quechua language, while this language has been spoken in Machupicchu 500 hundred year ago.

Help Living Culture People

Try to have some extra cash for the tour maybe  you can buy some of these beautiful textiles for a bargain price and direct from the Inca weaver and afterward we go to the famous hot springs of Lares which is located north of Cusco city on a paved road with gentle ascents and descents and passing through the towns of Pisac and Calca and Lares wich is famous for natural medinal hot spring with many pools and located about 3000 masl.
This Lares valley Cusco day trip by car is connection with the Inca culture and time to see too many llamas and alpacas in the wild way, being good for the photos and very recommended for ones who loves the nature and history, traditions,

Importance Of Thermal Natural Baths In Lares Valley:

The famous hot springs of Lares is located at 3,250 masl and being tourist attraction with temperatures range between 36 º and 44 º C and the outcrops of medicinal mineral water has the following chemical composition: Calcium Magnesium and Sodium then Potassium and Chloride sulphates and then bicarbonates Iron then Manganese then Zinc Boro and Copper which is  dissolved solids and has yellowish tinge.

Here we find the presence of stalactites and stalagmites at the entrance to the bathsand there are 4 pools the first has a temperature of 41 º C and supplied from the main waterhole combined with cold groundwater with surface temperature of 17 ° C and this  pool has a dimension of 5 meters long and 3.50 meters wide and 1.50 meters deep and the second pool has a temperature of 35 ° C and its size is 6 meters long and 4 meters wide and 1.5 meters deep and then the third pool has a temperature of 38 ° C and its size is 15 meters long


Itinerary For Lares Valley Cusco Day Trip Plus Car

We  pick you up from your Hotel between 4:30 am and ride oue car through the Sacred Valley and see some Inca sites on the way like andean markets some farming Inca terraces and then small Inca villages then Inca sites and then pass the highest point of this trip, named Condor pass (4450 masl) then from here is downhill to Lares Valley (3250 masl) where we have time to enjoy the thermal bath.

Afterward we have some lunch on the way back to Cusco we can do some fishing in the river named  Wasamayo with some local people and if we are lucky we can catch some trout so this activity takes us about 2 hours and between 4 to 5:pm and then we will be back to Calca province and back to Cusco city then we drop you off at your place in Cusco city.

Important Note About The Local Kids and Adults:

Along the way wevmeet some Inca traditional people and especially kids going school and then back home too and  normally they are chlidren of poor farmers living on the mountains and we can give for them some present like pencils and notebook and whatever you want ot give then this is up to you.

Then some pictures of them and we ask to adults if they want some photos, so usually they ask for some money for the photos and they speak only Quechua while this language has been spoken in the Inca time and also we can bring some coca leaves  for these living culture people and learn about their traditions and visiting their traditional house in this tour named lares valley Cusco day trip plus car.


Included For Lares Valley Cusco Day Trip Plus Car

• A brief info night before of your trip by your tour guide ( Driver )
• A professional adult driver
• Experienced plus paramedic tour guide for the history
• First aid kit and oxigen tank
• Private new car round trip
• Lunch at the hot pools which is prepared by our professional chef

 Not Included For Lares Valley Cusco Day Trip Plus Car

• Dinner so we will back to Cusco city for your dinner
• Some traditional tips for your crew like driver and tour guide
•Bring some snacks with you
• Entrance fees to the hot prings which is 10 Soles per person


Price For Lares Valley Cusco Day Trip Plus  Car

  • 2 people with tour guide US$150 per person         without tour guide US$125 per person
    3 people with tour guideUS$120  per  person        without  tour  guide  US$95 per person
  • 4 people with tour guide US$100 per person         without tour guideUS$75 per person
  • 5 to 6 people with tour guide US$80 per person   without tour guide US$55 per person
  • 7 to 10 people with tour guide US$70 per person without tour guide US$45 per person

Note: For lares valley Cusco day trip plus car we do some discount for our cutomers this year 2017

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