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Make Your Deposit Through PayPal And Western Union

Western Union

Western Union is the safest and fastest way to send money, so you can send money from anywhere in the world in a few minutes or online through Western Union or you can pay in their offices and they have offices Internationally www.westernunion.com.
Please then send us the Transaction Code MTCN:

– Receiver’s first name: YUDID
– Receiver’s last name: CALLAÑAUPA QUISPE
– Receiver’s city /Town: Cusco
– Country: Peru

Paypal Payment

Usually for all treks and day tours there is a deposit of USD$200 per person, which is used to secure your departure as well as purchase permits and entrance tickets, train tickets, hotel bookings to secure space. (Deposit amount might vary according to service). Please remember we need both, deposit and personal information otherwise we won’t be able to confirm service:

  • Deposit can be done through Online Payment, PayPal
  • Deposit for the all alternative trek to Machu Picchu are US $200 dollars per person and are non-refundable and for the day tour Cusco city US $30.
  • So Paypal charges a fee of 7%, so from US $200 is US $214 per person to deposit and should be sent please to.


  • The deposit is non-refundable and non-transferable. After purchasing the ticket, we cannot change the date of the trek departure or change the name or passport number on your Inca Trail permit or Machu Picchu entrance ticket.

Deposit For Day Tour And Hikes

  • Day tours US $30 and Paypal charges a fee 7% in total to deposit is per person US$32
  • Machupicchu day trip US$200 and Paypal charge a fee% 7 in total the deposit is per person US$214
  • Hiking tours US$200 and Paypal charges a fee 7% in total to deposit is per person US$214
  • Trekking tours deposit for 2 people US$400 + Paypal charges a fee 7% in total to deposit US$428
  • Hiking tours deposit for 3 people US$600 + Paypal charges a fee 7% in total to deposit US$624
  • Hiking tours deposit for 4 people US$800 +Paypal charges a fee 7% in total to deposit US$856

Note: The Paypal fee does not count towards the final price of the trek and day tours. Being the final price paid already here in Cusco city, before leaving your tour.