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Private Local Tour Guides Cusco Peru

Private Local Tour Guides Cusco Peru

Private Tour Guides Cusco Peru with the best Private Local Tour Guides Cusco Peru  guiding you City Tour Cusco and Sacred Valley then salt mine Moray Maras and Machupicchu tour then Tipon, Piquillacta and Andahuaylillas church tour and therefore we are professionally trained to provide insight to various cultural and natural historical places of interest in Cusco, Puno and Arequipa and then jungle Rainbow Mountain in a reasonable price.

Also we are committed to sustainable and responsible tourism and to preserve nature preserve and being very lovely knowledgable tour guides passionate about Cusco and Peruvian history to show you Inca ruins outside Cusco and go in depth on Qorikancha and the Cathedral.

We Do Specialization Course in Cultural Tourism.

  • First aid course specially in altitude sickness, updated annually.
  • We have license as official tour guides and certificate issued by the Peruvian State.


Tour Guides Services/Sample Itinerary:

1. City Tour & Four Ruins Around Cusco:

Visit the Cathedral of Cusco, Qoricancha (templo of the sun), Saqsaywaman, Qenqo, Tambomachay, Pukapukara.

2. Hiking City Tour In Cusco City:

 Visit the Coricancha (sun temple) now Santo Domingo, The Cathedral of Cusco, 1 museum, Central Market, and walking on some important streets passing by Incas palaces up to San Blas the popular artisans’ neighborhood.

3. Four Inca Sites Round Cusco:

Saqsaywaman lightning temple or fort, Qenqo religious place, Tambomachay templo of the water, Pukapukara fort, Cristo Blanco small version of Redeemer Christ.

4. Sacred Valley Pisaq And Ollantaytambo And Then Chincheros :  

Tipical market of Pisac, Pisac Ruins, Ollantaytambo with impressive architecture, Chinchero with colonial church above Inca constructions and to see authentic Andean people.

5. South Of Cusco Tipon And Piquillacta:  

Tipon (templo of Water), Ruins of Pikillacta, Andawayllillas (Sistine Chapel of America), tasting “Cuy” (Guinea pig) or Chicharrones (pork rinds) in picturesque towns.

6. Maras Moray Salt Pools:  

Moray agriculture laboratory known as the amphitheater, typical town of Maras famous for its colonial doors and Salineras typical mining of salt

7. Machupicchu 2D/1N With Private Local Tour Guide Cusco Peru  

Machupicchu tour into the ruins, climbing Machupicchu Mountain and Waynapicchu Mountain, sun gate, Inka Bridge, museum and garden of orchids, hot spring. (From Machupicchu mountain we have awesome views = equivalent to the Inca Road). This is good option worth.

8. Maras – Moray- Salineras- Chinchero:

We visit on the way to salt mine and Moray the archaeological site of  chincheros

Note:  About the transportation can be arranged upon request, if the tour will require it and ask the guide about the cost of the transportation and then the price of taxis varies, according to the tour to take.

Tour Duration

1: City tour & Ruins around Cusco City

Private Sightseeing Tour Introduction:
The Cusco city is considered the most impressive pre-conquest city in the Americas will dazzle you with its mix of Spanish colonial and Inca architecture as you begin your tour through the heart of the Inca empire that spanned present day Peru and Ecuador then Chile and Argentina then Bolivia and Southern Colombia si this city still is an outdoor museum reflecting hundreds of years of history.

  • Tour Duration: 5 Hours
  • Maximum Number of People: 5

 Tour Highlights With Private Local Tour Guides Cusco Peru

City tour of Cusco starts at Koricancha (golden courtyard Inca time) which was the Inca’s sumptuous Temple of Sun before the Spaniards came along. This sacred temple was built by the Incas at the very heart of the City of Cusco and the centre of the Inca civilization. Indeed it is the most sacred of all their temples and when the Spaniards invaded and exerted their rule over the Incas it would have been critical for them to destroy this centre of worship.

The Cathedral with Inca sites

When we visit to the cavernous Cathedral on the Plaza de Armas we will see how the Incas managed to weave their own culture into the church as they undertook some work for their new Spanish masters and then the second part of our tour consists in visiting some ruins around Cusco City like Saqsaywaman, built with large stones known as temple of lightning also having impressive view over Cusco City.

Qenqo, religious place of the Incas where made their sacrifices then Tambomachay temple of the Water, where you can purify your spirit as Incas did with energetic holy water, PUkapukara as red fort.

Transportation: Vehicle, Walking
Meet up location: Your hotel in the Cusco area
End location: Your hotel in the Cusco City
Start and End time, I could customize it to your needs however most of our tour star at 8:00am

Cusco Walking City Tour

Private sightseeing tour Introduction: Enjoy this magical city with our half day walking tour, visiting the Central Market of Cusco, where you can find a huge variety of colorful andean products. Admire the Koricancha Temple with the most perfect example of inca architecture, as well as the Cathedral of the city built over the Inca palace of Suntur Wasi with its beautiful collection of paintings of the renowned Cusquenian School.

We end the day visiting San Blas a very charming neighborhood, known locally as the artists neighborhood fill up with galleries, shops, ateliers, restaurants, cafes and much more

  • Tour Duration: 5 Hours
  • Tour Type: Walking Only

Tour Highlights:

Cathedral, Templo of the Sun, San Blas neighborhood, Central Popular Market,
This tour is perfect to acclimatize to the altitude…
Walking along ancient streets, visiting the most important Inca palaces and the Main Square. Places to visit four ruins around Cusco City
Private sightseeing tour Introduction:
It is simply breathtaking, the scenery, culture, ancient sites all combined; Make it an epic adventure of once in a lifetime

  • Tour Duration: 5 Hours
  • Maximum Number of People: 10
  • Tour Type: Transport Based

Tour Highlights With Private Local Tour Guides Cusco Peru

Saqsaywaman with large stones was a temple of lightning with an impressive view of the cusco city, Qenqo religious place of the Incas, Tambo Machay templo of the Water, Pukapukara red fort and Cristo Blanco small version of Redeemer Christ of the incas all of them awesome places… no word to describe but maybe you can find it or just enjoy the place letting oneself get carried away by magnificence and wonderful of the places.

Machu Picchu One Day Magical Tour

Private Sightseeing Tour Introduction:
A breathtaking 8, 000 feet above sea level, veiled in cloud atop the mountainous columns of the Urubamba Valley, Machu Picchu is the most important historical site in the Americas.

The site is one of the best remaining examples of the outstanding Inca architecture and stonemasonry. The city was crafted from huge blocks of stone, carved with incredible skill to fit together without the need for mortar or cement.

There are few sights in the world that compare to the swirling mists parting at dawn as the sun rises over the mountain tops to illuminate this mystifying city as lasting testament to the power and ultimate tragedy of the Inca empire.

  • Tour Duration: 1 Day
  • Tour Type: Transport Based

Tour Highlights With Private Local Tour Guides Cusco Peru


At 6:40 am you will be Pick up from your hotel and be transported to Poroy train station. The train ride along the river and mountain face, offering passengers dramatic views of the Andes. The foliage dramatically changes as the train approaches the meeting point of the Andes and the Amazon rainforest, providing visitors with a real sense of Peru’s diverse geography.

The train departs at 7:42am. and it take 3:15hrs average to arrive aguas calientes town near Machu Picchu around 10:52am.
Upon arrival in Aguas calientes, you will head to the bus station for a 25-minute ride up to the secluded citadel.
Have Buffet Lunch at sanctuary lodge restaurant. But if you want in one of good restaurants in aguas Calientes after the tour.


Then you will enjoy a fascinating tour of the ruins so the guide (Me) will be close to you for anything you could need.
In the afternoon at 4:43pm you will take the train return and back to the Hotel Cusco, arriving around 8:30pm.


To board the Train need to be 30 minutes in advance at the station.
The Itenerary above is in Expedition Train service, how ever if you want i can book in VISTADOME TRAIN (First Class) which offers on board included: small breakfast (outbound), and good snack (inbound), soft drink and hot drink, fashion show, entertainment. And other drinks to buy.

Tour Machupicchu & Waynapicchu two days tour

Private sightseeing tour Introduction:
Machu Picchu, “lost” city of the Incas, perch precariously on the spine of an impossibly beautiful green mountain 120 km from the ancient imperial capital of Cuzco, Peru. Miraculously missed by Spanish invaders for three hundred years, it wasn’t until American historian Hiram Bingham was led to the site in 1911 that the outside world learned of its existence.

The finish line of the modern Inca Trail, your first glimpse of the site upon cresting the final pass at sunrise is a spiritual experience. Surrounded by steep valley on all sides, rising mist floating past stone terraces and grazing llama, Machu Picchu is one place that always lives up to its mythical status.
P.S. Ask for a discount if you are more than 1 Person!

  • Tour Duration: 2 Days
  • Tour Type: Transport Based

Tour Highlights:

1° Day. – Cusco-Machupicchu Town – Machupicchu Arqueological site

we pick you up around 7:25, transfer to the train station of poroy which is 30 minutes away from cusco, the train takes 4 hrs getting Aguas Calientes town so it arrives 12:10 m; Check In your hotel then go for lunch at around 13:00 take 30 min Bus up to Machupicchu to have a full guided tour in less crowd and see sunset.
Take bus down to Machupicchu town.
Dinner and sleep

2° Day. – Climb up to Waynapicchu or Machupicchu Mountain – Back to Cusco

Catch the first bus 6:00 am to up to Machupicchu, it takes 30 min, we go straight to good view point, postcard pictures and see the sun raise then start climbing Machupicchu or Waynapicchu mountain, from the summit we will have awesome views in 360° over the citadel, sacred mountains around, inka trail.
Average time round trip; To the Machupicchu Mountain 3:30 to 4 hrs. To Waynapicchu Mountain 2:30 to 3 hrs.
We take bus down to Town where you will have lunch.
Afternoon Return train to Cusco.

Sacred Valley Full Day Tour

Private sightseeing tour Introduction:
Pisac, Ollantaytambo, Chinchero alive Inca towns which keep their traditions from Inca Times.
This tour is a superb way to see the impressive Andes mountains rising up from the Sacred Valley which contains Inca temples, residences, altars, channels, carvings, tunnels/caves and the famous Intihuatana in towns such as Pisac, Ollantaytambo and Chincheros also their impressive Agriculture terrazas

  • Tour Duration: 1 Day
  • Tour Type: Transport Based

Tour Highlights With Private Local Tour Guides Cusco Peru


PISAC  with his traditional typical market; and beautiful archaeological complex.
OLLANTAYTAMBO  to see the famous Pacarictampu and Inca princess bath fountain.
CHINCHEROS  with his San Pedro colonial Church and extense Inca sanctuary plus Local people wearing their tipical cloths since ancient time especially ladies with thier unique braids.
Leaving Cusco around 8:30 stop in one viewpoints of the valley, also we will see Andean Camelideas like Llamas, Alpacas, Vicuñas then visit Pisac Ruins, Pisac Market where you have option to buy souvenirs, Have lunch In Urumbamba one town in the sacred valley, continuing to Ollantaytambo with ruins and local people wearing colorfull ponchos, returning to cusco we stop in Chinchero.
arriving around 6:00 pm

Short Inca Trail to Machupicchu 2 day / 1 night

Private sightseeing tour Introduction:

Declared one of the New Seven Wonders of the World and teeming with fascinating legends and history, Machu Picchu is without a doubt the highlight of any traveler’s trip to Peru. But reaching the famed citadel by foot along the original Inca Trail brings a whole new perspective to this mystical experience.
The two day Inca Trail trek offers a less demanding option than the regular four day trek, perfect for visitors who wish to arrive to the ruins by foot, the same way the Inca originally did, while retaining their comfort.
While walking along the beautifully preserved trail you will see ruins carved out of solid rock as well as enjoy the jaw dropping scenery of the stunning Andean mountains.

Tour Duration: 2 Days
Maximum Number of People: 4
Tour Type: Transport Based

Tour Highlights With Private Local Tour Guides Cusco Peru:

Day  01 : Cusco / Km104 / Chachabamba / Wiñaywayna / Machupicchu:

First day, transfer from the hotel to the train station to take the early train, which take us to Km 104 starting point of our hike, passing through the Sacred Valley. Visit the chachabamba site then three hours walking up until the archeological site of Wiñaywayna, this site is well known as the spiritual place of the hike. After that we keep walking until Intipunku (sun gate).

From there we can see panoramic view of Machupicchu then half an hour walking down we will get to the most important place of the trek which is Machupicchu to see sun set; then we are going to take the bus to Aguas Calientes town and spend the night in hotel.

Day 2 : Aguas Calientes / Machupicchu / Cusco

After breakfast, we are going to take the bus up to Machupicchu, and we will be there earlier than the other groups and have sun rise. Then we will have a guided tour for three hours at least. After that you will have free time to explore by yourself or climb up Waynapicchu Mountain which appear in typical pictures of Machupicchu and then we have to go to Aguas Calientes town.

Then we take the afternoon train to come back to Cusco for 2 hours and then we have transfer from the train station to the Cusco city and drop you off in your place, so this the end of private tour guides Cusco peru.

South Of Cusco: Tipon Piquillacta Andahullillas Colonial Church

For this scenic tour , we pick you up at your place at Cusco 8:am and then take you by car or taxi for an hour and arriving to this amazing Inca water fountains and afterward we go to pre- Inca place, named Piquillacta and then we go to Andahuayllas Colonial church and after some good explanation, we will be bak to Cusco, so this tour can be almost the entire day and returning to Cusco by 4:pm


Price Private Local Tour Guides Cusco Peru

1   City Tour & Four Ruins Around Cusco:

This tour can in the morning and afternoon

  • For guiding the group: US$50 any number of people

2   Hiking City Tour In Cusco City:

This tour can in the morning and afternoon

  • For guiding the group: US$50 any number of people

3   Four Inca Sites Round Cusco:

This tour can in the morning and afternoon

  • For guiding the group: US$50 any number of people

4   Sacred Valley Of The Incas: 

This tour is entire day

  • For guiding the group: US$50 any number of people

5   South Of Cusco Huandahuillas Pre Inca Church: 

This tour almost entire day

  • For guiding hte group: US$50

6  Maras Moray Salt Pools: 

This tour can in the morning and afternoon

  • For guiding the  group: US$50

7  Machupicchu 2D/1N With Private Local Tour Guides Cusco Peru

2 days tour, just Aguas Calientes town with hiking to Inka museum and Mandor private park and the next day Machupicchu.

  • For guiding the group, per day US$70, total in 2 days US$140

8  Maras – Maray- Salineras- Chinchero:

  • For guiding the group: US$50

9  Short Inca Trail To Machupicchu 2 day / 1 night: 

  • Guiding per day: US$80 total in 2 days  US$160

Note: This price is per guided groups, which is being paid to your tour guide at the end of the service since we wotk as a private local tour guides Cusco Peru.


What To Bring For  Private Local Tour Guides Cusco Peru

  • Sunhat
  • Sunscreen
  • Camera
  • Some water
  • Cash for souvenirs, if you feel shopping and for the entrance fees
  • Comfortable walking shoes
  • Bring some clothes for rainy season

Why Us

Why Us As Private Local Tour Guides Cusco Peru

Private Local Tour Guides Cusco Peru

For becoming tour guides in Peru we study in the university for 5 year and afterward we work as tour guides and then we keep having some training to enrich our knowledge about the skills we need for talking about the archaeological sites of the Incas.

Also we have medical first aid training to give health security to our customers and then we carry some oxygen tank to the routes that we guide and also we are many private local tour guides Cusco Peru for all our customers.

Personalized Experiences With Private Local Tour Guides Cusco Peru

We know that everyone has different needs and it’s our job to make sure that they are all taken care of. We honor all food restrictions and celebrate all happy occasions and can amend our itineraries however you need so our office team is here to work with you every step of the way to make sure your vacation is perfect and also you help us with some work as a private local tour guides Cusco peru.

Best Team In Peru Cusco As Private Local Tour Guides Cusco Peru

This might be a bold statement but our group of guides have studied tourism in the University and then they are all from the mountains here with a rich Inca history and are passionate about teaching and therefore they all agree that their education is never done and then every year we study with a professor to make sure we are true experts and then work as private local tour guides Cusco Peru.

Very Important

The Schedule Time To Visit The Inca Places

  • The visit time starts to all Inca sites and museums and churches from 8:am to 5:30pm
  • Since we work as private local tour guides Cusco Peru we are available any time to guide anywhere

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