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Book Taxi from Poroy to Cusco, Cusco airport to Ollantaytambo, taxi City Tour Cusco, taxi Sacred Valley of the Incas, taxi Maras Moray salt mine, taxi Tipon Pikillacta, Taxi Rainbow Mountain Vinicunca, taxi Pisac Ruins, taxi to Palccoyo Rainbow Mountain, taxi  Q’eswachaka Inca Bridge, taxi to Humantay lake, taxi Cusco Puno, then taxi to Chivay town.

We are available anytime so don’t hesitate to contact us! We are one of the safest transport options with affordable prices in Cusco Peru and meet our drivers on time at your places for the pickups. Moreover, we wait for you at the airports and the train station with a sign with your name on it, also there are various ways to move around Cusco Peru, and the most important factors are the budget and the budget and the safety of your transport service.

Also, we are the most trusted safe taxi tour company in Cusco Peru, with more than 418 excellent reviews, from our real customers, who booked taxi transport with us, and we take solo travelers, couples, friends, and families to all tourist attractions sites with security & tranquility, with all the corresponding permits.

Moreover, we do quality tours on your budget plus we provide you with an oxygen tank for the tourist attraction places, located over 3,600 masl (11,811ft) in the Cusco region, and Puno in Peru.

Also, we do any-time pickups at the airport in Cusco city, and drop you off at your place, in a safe way.

In addition, we are a local company based in Cusco city Peru for transport services and Private Day Tour, and we follow your itinerary and your schedule time, bringing you the most beautiful destinations in Cusco, Peru on a fair budget, and also our cars are clean with air conditioning and friendly drivers with Spanish and English option speaking.

In conclusion, for taxi Cusco, Peru plus tours, we are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week,  so just write to us through our Gmail or WhatsApp on the website to give you some discounts for our following services, and besides that, you can let us know your budget, then we will be happy to make some adjustments in the cost of the taxi service.

We take care of you in a safe way, from the beginning to the end, with our private transport to the places you want to go at Cusco, Puno, Arequipa, Puerto Maldonado in Peru country. 

Cusco Airport

The Cusco airport is equipped with the greatest comforts, to efficiently serve the countless tourists who visit the imperial city

It began its operations in December 1964 and is located in the Region and Province of Cusco, District of Wánchaq; San Sebastián 3.7 km. From the city that has the largest tourist attraction in South America, receiving national and international flights.

It was named in honor of the Peruvian pilot Alejandro Velasco Astete who was the first Peruvian pilot to cross the Andes in 1925. This first flight was from Lima directly to Cusco. Later that same year, in September, while trying to avoid colliding with spectators at an air show in the city of Puno, he crashed and died. In recognition of his pioneering achievements in Peruvian aviation history, the airport was named in his honor.

Description About Private Taxi Cusco Peru Plus Tours

We do safe transport, with this plan Private Taxi Cusco, Peru Plus Tours for you, and we offer you a broad range of airport shuttle services to airport Cusco and other transportation options for safe, private transport and tours, and we take you from the airport to your lodging destination and back again in complete comfort and style, and we do everything we can, to help and make your trip go as smoothly as possible, and we take that responsibility very seriously and all this service for a fair price.

Chacras Travel Peru stands for reliable service and security and books us online since our prices are fair and safe ride tours, so our transport service comes with an oxygen tank and first aid kit, and also we are recommended by real testimonies on the Trip Advisor company and Google reviews from our customers.

Therefore, we guarantee all your transfer from the airport in a safe way to your hotels, and tours in Cusco Peru with modern cars, and our driver working at your convenience and comfort at competitive prices for all.

Are Taxis Safe In Cusco ??

Taking a taxi in Cusco city  Peru is simple, but you need to think about your safety and comfort ride without being questioned too much by the taxi drivers, arrive at your destination without problems, and pay a fair price, through cash or PayPal.

Firstly, all the countries in the world have safe places for tourism, and Cusco city is a tourist attraction and safe for tourists with one airport named, Alejandro Velasco Astete, from where you take a taxi service to any place you want, and taxis are safe mainly through serious companies for tourist service with the good reviews in Trip Advisor company, like our company Chacras Travel Peru is a serious local company with based at Cusco city for safe taxi service, with 24 hours online.

Why take a taxi from a serious company, because at the airport the drivers call you and say taxi service and some can be safe, but the problems are all of them, no having a serious company, neither you do not know the number of phones to contact them, in case, you can forget something in the taxi, how to get things forgotten back in the taxi,  and the other problems are they try asking you everything, like why you are in Cusco, and then, they try selling you tours, so, you do not enjoy your ride to your destination, which is an annoyment for the travelers.

Therefore, it is very safe to take a taxi service, from the safe tour companies in Cusco Peru, and arrive at the places you booked for your overnight, and then take your tours on your own with the companies well-recommended.

The Rate For Private Taxi Cusco

  • From the airport to the center of Cusco/from the center of Cusco to the Airport, one way: US$25.00
  • Bus terminal to the center of Cusco and reverse, one way: US$20.00
  • From Cusco airport, then to Sacred Valley of the Incas, Urubamba, Ollantaytambo, villages, one way: US$70
  • Cusco Poroy train station and Poroy train station down to Cusco Hotel, one way: US$50.
  • Pisac Inca ruins from Cusco, one way: US$50

Minivan Rates For Transport Service And Cusco Peru Tours

  • From the Airport to the center of Cusco and from the center of Cusco to Airport 15 seats: US$60.00
  • Bus terminal to the center of Cusco and then reverses 15 seats: US$70.00
  • From Cusco to the Sacred Valley of the Incas and Urubamba and then Ollantaytambo 15 seats, one way: US$175
  • Even we have big buses with 26 seats, for your comfortable transportation
  • Also, we organize vans and 4×4

Taxi Ride At Cusco From Airport To Airport

This taxi ride to the Airport At Cusco city is a safe way since our visitors always look for safe transport, taxi airport, that is the way we set up this local company with based at Cusco city for our customers with the options of taking some safe tours to some Inca sites and our airport taxi service Cusco is picking you up at your hotels at the scheduled time, you want to go for the airport with new vehicles for your comfortable trip.

  • Taxi Price: US$25 dollars

Taxi Ride Outside Of Cusco City

About Famous Rainbow Mountain Vinicunca Cusco Peru

How to visit this incredible Rainbow Mountain Vinicunca located at Cusco, Peru in the Andes mountain, so going to this place is much better riding a Private Taxi To Rainbow Mountain with an oxygen tank, and enjoying the outstanding views of the mountains, and see also one of the snow-capped mountain named Ausangate, situated at 6000 masl ( 19,685 ft) so this entire mountain is covered in a glacier.
Also, along the road we see plenty of alpacas, llamas, and living culture people, who live still in houses made of  stone walls and speak the Quechua language, this language has been spoken in Machupicchu city, 500 years ago, A.D and the viewpoint for the rainbow mountain is located at 5200 masl ( 17,060ft)

Itinerary About Private Taxi Rainbow Mountain Vinicunca Cusco Peru

Our private new taxi from Cusco to  Rainbow Mountain takes 2 hours and 40 minutes, until the beginning of the trek, so round trip by taxi takes 5 hours, so from Cusco we leave at 5:20 am or we follow your own schedule time to go and along the road, we see plenty alpacas and llamas, then once we arrive to start point we hike 2 hours gentle uphill road, then 25 minutes steep uphill at the very end, then we arrive at the viewpoint to enjoy the incredible views to the rainbow mountain and the red valley.

Afterward, the way back is an hour gentle downhill with 30 minutes, also you get the chance to ride a horse for US$40 round trip, and then back to Cusco, arriving by 4:20 pm, then we drop you off at your place.

Also, on the way back we have the chance to visit the most famous Andahuaylillas church, which is often called the «Sistine Chapel of the Andes» because of the beauty of its mural painting, this visit is up to you.

Private Taxi Rate From Cusco To Rainbow Mountain Vinicunca

  • Taxi with an oxygen tank for high altitude: US$130, this price is per vehicle
  • A van  with an  oxygen tank: US$155, so the van is recommended during the rainy season for this mountain from November to March
  • Experienced tour guide: US$60 (For the hike and he helps you with the high altitude since he carries the oxygen tank )
  • We give you, some hiking sticks for free for the hike

Bring For The Private Taxi To Rainbow Mountain Cusco Peru

  • Some sunscreen
  • Some clothes for the cold, such as gloves, scarf, caps and a large jacket for the cold and good hiking shoes
  • For the rainy season bring rain gear, such as ponchos and rain pants, and it is possible some waterproof gloves
  • Bring some drinking water with snacks for yourselves

Taxi Rate To Famous Humantay lake

We ride our private taxi, from Cusco city at 5: am to Humantay lake, for 3 hours and 30 minutes, arriving at the beginning of the road, named Soraypampa situated at 3,800 masl (12,467 ft). Then, we hike for an hour and 50 minutes uphill arriving at the famous lake Humantay located at 4,250 masl (13,779ft), after enjoying the views, we will be back downhill for an hour and 20 minutes, then the way back to Cusco city,  for another 3 hours and 30 minutes, dropping you off at your place.

  • Taxi rate: US$130
  • The optional tour guide, who can help you with the high altitude is US$70
  • A van service: US$150
  • Optional renting horses: Round trip 160 soles in a safe way with good horses and good saddle with stirrup

Not Included:

  • The entrance fees (per person are 20 soles)
  • Also, along the route, there are restaurants to have some breakfast and lunch.

Taxi Rate To Tipon Pikillacta

Our private Taxi to Tipon Pikillacta sites, is going out of Cusco city and along the road see some local farmers living in houses made of mud brick and tiled roof, and on the roof of the houses, you can see some small clay bulls and between small wooden cross, which tells us, they are mixed-race class and speak two languages,

Then, we arrive at this magic Inca site Tipon and located at 3400 masl ( 11, 154 ft), then we go to Pikillacta another amazing pre-Inca site, with a view of the lake named Huacarpay, afterward, we visit the Inca Bridge, which was used to transport water for the irrigation of the agricultural area.

Itinerary For Taxi To Tipon Pikillacta 

This tour starts from 8:am to 1:pm and is guided by an experienced local tour guide in a safe way, and we take care of it all from door to door, also this tour can start in the afternoon from 1:pm to 6:pm, then we drop you off at your place in Cusco city.

  • Taxi rate: US$100
  • optional experienced local tour guide: US$70
  • Not Included, the entrance fees

Taxi From Cusco To Chivay Located In Cusco Peru

This Taxi From Cusco City To Chivay Town is in a safe way with an oxygen tank for our customers, so you can travel with confidence, and we pick you up at your hotel in Cusco city by 6:am.

Then, we drive you through a paved road of the Andes mountains and see along the road some llamas and alpacas, also the living culture, people,  then at the very end is down the road to the Chivay town, which is famous for the hot spring, so this trip riding private taxi from Cusco to Chivay takes 8 hours, then drop you off at your place of Chivay town.

  • Taxi rate: US$600 dollars, Including oxygen tank and taxes to pay along the route, like tolls
  • Optional tour guide for the route: US$60

Taxi Rate From Cusco To Puno

Amazing scenic view along with the Private Taxi from Cusco to Puno being through the sun route, with visiting some Inca sites with the experienced Spanish and English speaking tour guide, and new taxi with an oxygen tank for the safety of our customers.

For this trip, we leave from Cusco at 7:am, then the first place we stop is the Inca bridge, then the second place we visit is Raqchi, which is the temple of the Inca God.

Then the third stop is at Sicuani for your optional lunch, then the fourth stop is the pass, named La Raya, which is the limit between Cusco and Puno, and situated at 4,200 masl(13,779ft), also sees the beautiful snow-capped mountain situated at 6,000 masl ( 19,685 ft).

Then, on the fifth stop, we do will be at the burial temple of Sillustani, which is an amazing pre-Inca site located, on the ridge of the mountain, and besides, that is the amazing lake called Umayo, both located at 3900 masl (12,795 ft), then we arrive in Puno through the viewpoint, then we drop you off at your place in Puno city by 6:20 pm.

  • Taxi rate US$420 dollars: Included an oxygen tank and tolls along the route
  • It does not include: Entrance fees to the sites and lunch

Taxi Rate From Cusco to Q’eswachaca Inca Bridge

This Private Taxi to Q’eswachaca  Inca bridge is located in the district of Q’ewe, province of Canas, on the Apurimac River and located at 3,700 masl (12,139ft) The Q’eswachaca bridge is part of the Inca trail and is a sample of Inca engineering and that is 29 meters long and 1.2 meters wide.

The bridge is located 110 km southeast of Cusco city (3 hours by car) first from Cusco city you arrive at Combapata town, from where it is 31 km to the suspension Inca bridge.

Queshuachaca, is a suspension Inca bridge of vegetal fiber (Ichu) and its maintenance and renovation is carried out through a ritual executed by the communities of Winch’iri, Chaupibanda, Ccollana Quehue, and Perccaro, every year and along the road, we see 4 beautiful lakes, surrounded by traditional communities and also plenty alpacas, llamas along the road.

Itinerary to Q’ueswachacca Inca Bridge

We leave from Cusco city at 6:am by Taxi To Q’ueswachaka handwoven bridge, then we ride you through scenic places, and see also along the road the 4 lakes and some peasant villages,

Then, we arrive in 3 hours at this famous Inca bridge after having some nice views and plenty of photos, then we will be back in Cusco by 6:pm and drop you off at your place in Cusco city.

  • The taxi rate cost: US $180 dollars
  • Van rate: US$230
  • The experienced tour guide, who can help you with the high altitude: $70  This is optional

Taxi Rate to Salt Mine Maras Moray

We ride you by Private Taxi To Maras Moray salt mine with an oxygen tank, and these Inca sites are located to the northwest of Cusco city, and takes an hour to drive from Cusco to these places, and located at 3000 masl (9,842ft).

The best time to go with Taxi To Maras Moray is from May to November before the heavy rainy season begins and during the dry season, these wells are filled with salt water that comes from a natural spring that is in the upper part of the hill, when the water evaporates, the salt crystallizes and the salt can be collected there.

It accumulates until it reaches about 10 cm, and then we go to Moray, which are platforms, built on retaining walls filled with fertile soil and irrigated by complex irrigation systems, allowed to cultivate more than 250 plant species. These platforms served as Inca agricultural laboratories to adapt tropical plants and tubers.

Itinerary Private Taxi For Salt Mine Maras Moray Cusco Peru

In the morning: We pick you up at 8:am, from your hotel then we ride you to the salt mine through the Andes mountains and then to Moray through some farmer villages and after exploring these places we will be back to Cusco by 2:pm and also we can have a look for Inca warehouses along the road.

In the afternoon: We pick you up at 1:pm, from your hotel then we ride you to the salt mine through the Andes mountains and then to Moray through some farmer villages and also, we can hike to the Inca warehouses and afterward, we will be back to Cusco by 6:pm.

Private Taxi Rate Maras Moray

  • Taxi rate: US$120
  • Van rate: US$150
  • Experienced tour guide: US$70

Taxi Rate to The Sacred Valley Of The Incas Cusco Peru

Private Taxi To Sacred Valley of the Incas is with an oxygen tank, and English speaking drivers and we see along the road Colonial towns created in the Spanish time, and today show their miscegenation in architecture, art, and living culture and the villages are, Chinchero and its weavers, Pisac and its craft fair, Urubamba and its cosmopolitanism, Ollantaytambo, with its fortress and its Inca people alive and Maras Moray with its dazzling Salt mine.

Also, along the Sacred Valley Incas grow different types of the largest corn kernel, being one of the main harvests, and also varieties of potatoes, quinoa, and vegetables.

Itinerary For The Sacred Valley Of The Incas

For Taxi to Sacred Valley Of The Incas, we pick you up from your hotel by 8:am or we follow your scheduled time, then we ride you through the Sacred Valley and visit the first place called Huanacancha, and see plenty of llamas, alpacas, and the demonstration of dyeing alpaca wool with natural herbs, like in Inca time,

Then we stop at the viewpoint for the Sacred Valley, and then Pisaq Inca site, afterward Ollantaytambo then Chincheros village, famous for the Colonial beautiful church then Cusco city, dropping you off at your place by 6:20 pm.

Taxi rate service:

  • Taxi rate: US$130
  • Van: US$170
  • Experienced tour guide: US$70

Private Taxi To Palccoyo Rainbow Mountain

We take you from Cusco by private Taxi to Rainbow Mountain Palccoyo, which is a new finding rainbow mountain located to the southeast of the Cusco region at the community of Palccoyo, in the district of Checacupe, located at 4,900 masl (16,076 ft).

To arrive at Palccoyo rainbow mountain takes 3 hours and a half from Cusco until the beginning of the road, firstly riding through a paved road for 2 hours, then an hour and 30 minutes through a dirt road, surrounded by plenty of llamas and alpacas.

The hike takes 40 minutes gentle scenic road, and see the 3 small rainbow mountains, and also the red Andes valley, then way back for 30 minutes to the taxi place, and afterward 3 hours and a half in Cusco city, arriving back to Cusco by 6:pm, then we drop you off at your place in Cusco city.

In conclusion, riding a taxi or van to this magic rainbow mountain Palccoyo is the best place you can go in Cusco city Peru since you see along the drive road, plenty of llamas and alpacas and moreover the living culture, people, who live in beautiful remote villages and then at the end the amazing three rainbow mountains with the red valley.

Price To Palccoyo Rainbow Mountain By Private Taxi Or Van

  • Taxi with an oxygen tank for high altitude: US$150
  • A van with an aluminum oxygen tank: US$170 is recommended during the rainy season from November to March
  • Experienced tour guide: US$70 (Optional tour guide for this hike and help you with the height altitude)

Description About Private Taxi To City Tour Cusco

Safe Private Taxi to City Tour Cusco is full of history with many Inca sites, and with an experienced tour guide, and a taxi with an oxygen tank, so Cusco, once was the Incas capital and has tours, for many days as you want and different schedules, so the following Inca sites to visit are, the temple of the sun, Saqsayhuaman, Qenqo, Puca Pucara then Tambomachay, salt mine, Maras Moray then Pikillacta and Tipon then rainbow mountain Vinicunca, Palccoyo rainbow mountain.

We organize these tours with an oxygen tank for the safety of our customers since the high altitude for the first time is a big problem, like having a horrible headache and afterward, we drop you off at your hotels.
The most important for us is making you spend your time more in the historic places than in the shopping center and we pick you up on time.

Itinerary For City Tour Cusco With Private Taxi

In the morning: We pick you up by 8:am, then we ride you to the following Inca sites, first we visit the temple of the sun and then we go to Saqsayhuaman Inca site and Qenqo then Tambomachay, and afterward, we take you back to Cusco city and drop you off at your hotel.

In the afternoon: We pick you up by 8:am, then we ride you to the following Inca sites, first we visit the temple of the sun and then we go to Saqsayhuaman Inca site and Qenqo then Tambomachay, afterward, we take you back to Cusco city and drop you off at your hotel.

Taxi rate service For Cusco City Tour:

  • Taxi rate: US$80
  • Experienced tour guide: US$70

Pick Up From All The Hotels Sacred Valley Of The Incas

We do the pick-ups from all the hotels from the sacred valley of the Incas to Cusco city airport and to any places you want to go, such as Hotel Casa Andina Premium Valle Sagrado, Tierra Viva Valle Sagrado Urubamba, Belmond Hotel Rio Sagrado, Tambo Del Inka Resort Urubamba, Sonesta Posadas Del Inca Yucay, Inkaterra Hacienda Urubamba, Sol Y Luna Hotel Urubamba, Lizzy Wasi Urubamba.

Also, we do transport from Cusco city airport to the sacred valley of the Incas, in a safe way.

How I Book Private Taxi Cusco?

To book this taxi service, you have to send us, a deposit of US$20 dollars through our PayPal account, and PayPal charges 7% from any amount of money to send, and the %7 is charged to you, so that means you need to send us $22 and then the rest of the money in cash when you arrive in Cusco city and then, you need to send us the following details to our WhatsApp number: +51 943 388685.

  • The date of the tour and type of tour
  • Number of people
  • Address in Cusco city to pick you up for the following tours
  • Email  to keep in touch
  • Passport copy,  the profile side to pay the Peruvian tax

Then, we send you an email confirmation of the deposit and the tour.
Note: The US$22 dollars deposit, is for any number of people, for booking this tour, then the rest of the money in Cusco city in cash, it can be in dollars or soles, this is up to you, and also please the final payment with good US$ bills, because the broken dollars bills no working in Peru.

This is our PayPal account to send the deposit:    deposit@chacrastravelperu.com

Our Team For Private Taxi Cusco Peru Plus Tours

Tour Taxi Cusco service with professional tour guides in Cusco, is one of the safest ways here in Cusco city since we wait for you at the airport until you arrive and then we take you to the places, you want to go for the tours or visit all the attractive places at Cusco city  and close by too with a professional taxi driver and expert tour guides:

About Private Taxi Cusco Peru Plus Tours

The drivers are the ones, who have professional driver’s licenses, and mainly for having the license to drive here in Peru, they study for 3 months and then they start driving, a small car without doing taxi service for 2 years.

Afterward, they need to categorize the driver’s license to do taxi service for local people for another 2 years and then finally, have a driver’s license for driving tourist service cars and then still they need to change the driver’s license every 3 years until 60 years old then no more driving so these are the rules in Peru.

About Tour Guides For Private Taxi Cusco Peru Plus Tours

To become professional tour guides in Peru we study for 5 years at the university, and then working as an assistant tour guide for a few years and then as an official tour guide.

Also, some of our tour guides are paramedics who had some extra training in the first aid kit for the safety of our customers and we provide you some oxygen tank and fingertip Pulse Oximeter and so our tour guides are eager to be part of your trip and also we are recommended by real testimonies on Trip Advisor Company.

Food For: Private Taxi Cusco Peru Plus Tours

The food you get in Cusco city and along the Sacred valley is typical food and also Peruvian food and you get vegetarian options and varieties of dessert and then hot drinks like native coca tea, which is one of the best digestives and to have this type of food there are many restaurants choices and the price being since S/45.00 up to S/60.00.

  • If you feel like no lunch, bring some snacks and are allowed to eat in our car

Tickets Cost For The Archaeological Site Cusco Peru

All the archaeological sites to visit are protected by a law of the Peruvian state and the maintenance of them too, and that is the way, we have to pay the entrance fees:

  • The cost of the tickets for 10 days is S/130.00
  • The cost of the tickets for 1 day is S/70.00 if you are staying more than 2 days at Cusco city is better to buy the 10 days ticket

Very Important  Visiting Hours To Inca Sites With Private Taxi Cusco Peru Plus Tours

  • The visit time starts at all Inca sites and museums and then churches from 8:am to 5:40 pm
  • The time to visit the cathedral of Cusco is from 10:am to 6:pm
  • The temple of the sun on Sundays is closed in the morning until 2:pm then is open until 6:pm

Bring For: Private Taxi Cusco Peru Plus Tours

  • For rainbow mountain bring some clothes and gloves for the cold and rain equipment if is rainy season and a hat for the sunny days
  • Some water and snacks
  • We give you some hiking sticks for free
  • Some sunscreen
  • Bring some money in soles and cash

Important For Private Taxi Cusco Peru Plus Tours

We provide you optional English/speaking drivers, and some discount for all our day tours Cusco Peru, this year 2023, and just write us, please to our Gmail or info on the website, and we take care of it all from the door to door, for a reasonable price and also during the tour we do not take you to expensive shop for commissions, So we are fair to our customers during the tours. 

Some FAQ

What Is The Cost Of The Tourist Tickets?

We have two types of tickets, the day ticket is 70 soles and the 10 days ticket to visit all the Inca sites is 130 soles, and you can buy them at the first Inca site control and in soles and cash, so they do not work with credit cards, MasterCard, and visa card, so that means to bring some cash soles.
Note: If you are going to visit the salt mine named Maras, you have to pay 10 soles per person in cash, and the salt mine belongs to a peasant community and they work in a cooperative way in the salt pools and so the salt is imported and exported from this place and is the most famous the pink salt for being purer and cleaner

Where Can I Buy The Tickets For The Day Tour At Cusco City??

  • You can buy it along the route at the first Inca site control in cash and only in soles

Do We Need To Pay Extra For The Salt Mine Maras ??

  • Yes, you need to pay extra 10 soles since the boleto turistico is not included in the salt mine

How Many Places Do We visit With 70 Soles And 130 Soles Tourist Tickets?

We have many day tours to visit with these tickets

  • 70 soles ticket for city tour Cusco and visit 4 Inca sites, Saqsayhuaman, Qenqo, Puca Pucara, Tambomachay
  • 70 soles day ticket for Sacred valley of the Incas and visit Pisaq, Ollantaytambo, Chincheros
  • 70 soles day ticket for Moray
  • 70 soles day ticket for Tipon and Pikillacta
  • 130 soles for all the Inca sites in the Cusco region and this ticket last for 10 days

At What Time The Archaeological Sites Are Closed

  • All the Inca sites are open by 7:am then closed at 5:pm

How Do I Have Some Lunch During The Tours

  • You can buy your lunch along the route or you can bring your own lunch

What Time Does The Tour Start And Finish?

Usually, the tour starts at 8:am and finishes by 6:20 pm but if you need to be earlier back from the tours, you just let us know, anyway, we are flexible with the time schedule for your tours, and we take care of it from door to door.

It Is Possible To Have Some Discount For The Tours ??

Yes, it is possible to have some discount for the following tours, mainly when you get a packed tour, you just let us know to our Gmail:  chacrastravelperu@gmail.com

When And How To Use The Oxygen Tank

Firstly, we need to have an aluminum oxygen tank, which is recommended for health, then we need to give it to you for 5 minutes, and then make the boby develops its own oxygen for 5 minutes, so we keep doing this until you get better and the time we use oxygen is when you are out of breath or when you get the pounding headache.

In conclusion, our staff is ready to help you with whatever health problem you can get during your trip with us.

Private Taxi Cusco To Sacred valley

This service is from Cusco city, and pick you up from your place, then we go through the famous sacred valley, and also take you  to the  following Inca sites, located in this place, moreover, also we let you stay longer in each attractive area for tourists

You just let us know,  your scheduled time to pick you up, then we go to the places you want to go.

Is Cusco Airport Dangerous?

Well, the Cusco city airport is safe, with many taxis and van transports, offering the transport service to the center of Cusco city, or to any place you want to go.

But, it is much better to have a taxi or van transport organized by a serious transport company, with good reviews on Trip Advisor Company.

How Do  You Get From Cusco To Sacred Valley?

Mainly, there are two ways to get to the sacred valley of the Incas, from Cusco city.

First way: Through Chincheros, it takes an hour with 45 minutes

Second way: Through Pisaq, which takes 2 hours

Photos About Safe Tourist Transport Peru

Taxi rainbow mountain Palccoyo
Our taxi clients
Taxi from Cusco to rainbow mountain Palccoyo
Our taxi happy clients
Taxi on the way to salt mine

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