Experience rainbow mountain hike 2 days plus red valley Cusco Peru, on a friendly budget with camping and having fresh food cooked along the route, this Rainbow Mountain Peru Hike is hiking through the incredible landscapes with all the equipment provided for Rainbow Mountain Trek Peru, and guided by an experienced tour guide.

This is one of the wonderful hikes in the Cusco region of Peru country, with exploring the Andes mountains. We start with a backpacking adventure to enjoy the nice trail and explore the local villages, surrounded by llamas and alpacas, then the unparalleled views of the famous rainbow mountain Vinicunca and the red mountains, then to the nice snow-capped mountain named Ausangate.

This is the most famous hiking holiday for adventurous souls and families alike, and a great way to experience some of the vastly different aspects of Rainbow Mountain in Peru. Let us show you the trip of a lifetime!

Vinicunca Rainbow Mountain & Red Valley Hike 2 Days

On this trek 2 days 1 night to this famous rainbow mountain named Vinicunca & red valley, we see plenty of llamas and alpacas animals, also we see living culture people, living in houses made by themselves with stone walls and the thatched roof, moreover, they speak Quechua language and this language has been spoken by the Inca in Machu Picchu city, 400 hundred years ago.

In conclusion, camping throughout the Andes mountains of Peru is the best way to enjoy an amazing silent night and watch the bright stars during the dry season, and wake up with coca tea in your tent.

You will have an unforgettable experience hiking, through the real Andes mountains with us, and you will be guided by an experienced tour and a professional chef. 

Moreover, we are a well-recommended tour company in Peru, with more than 375 excellent reviews.

For this Rainbow Mountain Trek Peru, we take care of it all from door to door, also the hike is at your own pace, with a personal touch. So enjoy this adventure trip with us, for 2 days in Cusco Peru, through the Andes mountains with the view to the snow-capped mountain, named Ausangate.

Red Valley Peru

This is one of the adventure hike located at the famous rainbow mountain in the Cusco region, and the plan is as a day hike from Cusco city, and the tour is arranged in a private way and shared group.

So, this hike is a connection after hiking to the rainbow mountain, first, you enjoy the view of Vinicunca rainbow mountain and afterward, we hike to the red valley, being the hike through nice red sand, which is iron oxide sand, so the hike will be like trekking on Mars planet, then along the trail we see some remote Inca village, where live the living culture people named Quechuas.

Note: There is no excuse to miss this amazing hike to the red valley, in Cusco Peru country, since it will be an unforgettable adventure.

Itinerary For Rainbow Mountain Trek Peru For 2 Days

Day One: Rainbow Mountain Hike 2 Days With Ausangate Snowcapped Mountain And Red Valleys

Today, we pick you up at your hotel by 4:am, then we ride our car for 3 hours and 40 minutes to the beginning of the road, afterward, we get some breakfast, then hike the amazing Andes mountain range,  and climb the nice pass situated at 5000 masl (16, 404 feet) then enjoy the view to some lagoons, and then see the glacier mountain of Ausangate.

Then, we hike to Anata place for our camping, in campaign tents, and have some Peruvian organic food cooked by our professional chef.

Day Two: Rainbow Mountain Vinicunca Then Red valley And Then Back To Cusco City

Time to wake you up in the morning with some coca tea, afterward, some breakfast, then we hike through Andes mountain, arriving at the viewpoint of the famous rainbow mountain named Vinicunca, and time to enjoy the magic views.

Then time to hike to the famous red mountain and the red valley through the bridle path, and almost at the end of the trail, we see some remote villages,  from the living culture people, then at the end of the road we have some lunch, and then time to ride our private transport to Cusco city.

So, therefore, this trek is the best, being better than the traditional Inca trail to Machupicchu, since in this trek 2 days you see lagoons and glacier mountain, then alpacas and llamas, also the famous rainbow mountain and the red mountain and red valley, and then the living culture people named Quechuas.

The most important in this trek, we try to be one of the first groups at the rainbow mountain view than other companies, so you get this famous rainbow mountain named Vinicunca all to yourself.

Price For: Rainbow Mountain Hike 2 Days Plus Red Valley Cusco Peru

  • Per person $340 dollars

Included For:  Rainbow Mountain Hike 2 Days Plus Red Valley Cusco Peru

  • Experienced tour guide
  • Oxygen tank for the high altitude problems
  • Private transport round trip
  • The entrance fees to all the sites to hike
  • Organic food along the trek
  • Camping tents
  • Sleeping mats

Not Included: For Rainbow Mountain Hike 2 Days Plus Red Valley Cusco Peru

  • Gratuity for the working team

Book Rainbow Mountain Hike 2 Days Plus Red Valley Cusco Peru

For booking this tour, you have to send us, a deposit of $20 dollars through our PayPal account, and PayPal charges 7% from any amount of money to send, and the %7 is charged to you, so that means you need to send us $22 and then the rest of the money in cash when you arrive in Cusco city and then, you need to send us the following details to our WhatsApp number: +51 943388685

  • The date of the tour and type of tour
  • Number of people
  • Address in Cusco city to pick you up for the following tours
  • Email  to keep in touch
  • Passport copy,  the profile side to pay the Peruvian tax

Then, we send you an email confirmation of the deposit and the tour.
Note: The $22 dollars deposit, is for any number of people, for booking this tour, then the rest of the money in Cusco city in cash, it can be in dollars or soles, this is up to you, and also please the final payment with good US$ bills, because the broken dollars bills no working in Peru.

This is our PayPal account to send the deposit:    deposit@chacrastravelperu.com

Some FAQ

Weather For Rainbow Mountain Hike 2 Days Plus Red Valley Cusco Peru

The weather is changeable mainly from October to April is the rainy season then is the dry season, but nowadays since the weather is changing, with global warming anytime can be dry and rainy, so that means, we need to be lucky with the weather sometimes and just in case always bring some rain jacket and any season going to this place is good.

High Altitude For Rainbow Mountain And Red Valley Hike

So, hiking this trail is located at a high altitude in the Andes mountains, mainly we start from Cusco city at 3300 masl( 10,826ft) then along the route,  we arrive up to 5000 masl(16,404ft).

The most important to be okay with the high altitude is just to drink plenty of water, and eat some easy digest food like bland food, and no alcohol, no meat, also just in case, we carry some oxygen tank for the route, in case you can be affected by a high altitude problem, and the experienced tour guide will help you with the high altitude sickness.

What Is The Highlight Of The Rainbow Mountain Hike Peru?

We see some lagoons and some remote peasant villages and shepherds of llamas and alpacas, and then living culture people named Quechuas, also the snow-capped mountain of Ausangate, then the famous rainbow mountain Vinicunca, and at the end the red valley.

Tip The Team At The End Rainbow Mountain Trek Peru

Tip the team at the end of the work is a Peruvian tradition, so that means at the end of the hiking, you tip the horseman and the chef also the tour guide and the amount of tip is up to you for each of them.

Also, our workers are having fair pay, but the tip is a tradition, doing the collection money at the end of any hiking place, for the working team tip.

How Difficult Is The Trek To Rainbow Mountain?

It is between hard and gentle, firstly day one is uphill with little gentle parts, but in your own pace hiking you will be fine, then, day two is uphill with gentle parts and downhill at the end of the trek also is recommended at least 2 days to stay in Cusco city for acclimatization.

  • Also, bring some hiking sticks for the Vinicunca Rainbow Mountain  in Peru

About Rainbow Mountain And Red Valley Trek In Peru

This rainbow mountain trekking in Peru is mainly safe and can be hiked in two plans.

On day one hike rainbow mountain Vinicunca, then hike also through the famous red valley mountains, firstly this trek start from Cusco city by car until beginning of the trek for 3 hours, then hike uphill for 2 hours and 45 minutes to the viewpoint, afterward hike to the red valley for 2 hours and 45 minutes to the car place, then back to Cusco for 2 hours and 45 minutes.

2 days trekking to the rainbow mountain, this trek is starting from a different side mountain than day one, which is named Qesuno Anata community, then hike through the  Andes mountains and camp in campaign tents at the bottom of Ausangate snow-capped mountain.

On day 2, we hike through the viewpoint of rainbow mountain Vinicunca, and then the connection to the red valley mountains, then, hiking the way to the car place, and afterward back to Cusco city.

Photos vinicunca rainbow mountain

Hiking rainbow mountain
Rainbow mountain view
Hiking trail rainbow mountain Peru
Red valley hiking Peru

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