Explore Salkantay Trek 2 Days plus camping without Machu Picchu, so this Salkantay Trek Cusco is hiking to the most beautiful lakes located at the bottom of the two famous snow-capped mountains named Salkantay and Humantay, mainly visiting these two lakes are the most outstanding places along the entire Salkantay trek to Machu Picchu, all private plus on a friendly budget.

Therefore, this Salkantay adventure in 2 days is the highlight adventure in Cusco, Peru for mountain lovers,  since day one we hike to the famous Humantay lake and explore around, and then enjoy the magic snow-capped mountain of Humantay mountain, then day 2 we climb to the famous pass of Salkantay, and see the amazing snow-capped mountain of Salkantay and the lake, named Azul Ccocha.

Afterward, we will be back to Cusco city, and along the route, you will be enjoying the views of the Andes mountains, and also avocado farming fields, then we drop you off at your place in Cusco city.

In this magic program in 2 days at Salkantay trek, you have the chance of visiting every day a new lake, like Humantay, then Qoricocha, with staying one overnight in a proper lodge, so this adventure hike is well recommended for families, friends, and couples who like the connections with the beauty of the nature.

Description About The Salkantay Trek Cusco

We are an expert team of travel specialists with a reputation for providing premium travel experiences on the Salkantay Trail at Cusco Peru, so this place has two snow-capped mountains, named Salkantay and Humantay located at 6200 masl (20,341ft) and the way to get here is by car from Cusco, which takes 3 hours until the beginning of Salkantay trek to the place named Soraypampa located at 3600 masl (11,811ft).

Where, we start the hike uphill for 4 hours to the Salkantay pass then 20 minutes hike through rocks and arrive at the famous view of the blue lake and here we do some Inca ceremony,  then back to the campsite for 2 hours and 30 minutes and camp, then some tea and some dinner and sleep in tents.

On day 2, we wake you up with some coca tea, then some breakfast, then we hike for an hour and 20 minutes to Humantay Lake, then back to the camp for 50 minutes, then back to Cusco city for 3 hours, and we drop you off at your place in Cusco city. This is the end, of the Salkantay trek 2 days plus camping without Machupicchu.

Itinerary Salkantay Trek 2 Days Peru Plus Camping Without Machupicchu

Day one: Cusco Soraypampa Salkantay Lake

We pick you up at 5:am, then we ride our private car for 3 hours straight to Soraypampa and then hike for 4 hours uphill to the pass of Salkantay trek, carrying our boxed lunch, then we go to the famous blue lake located at 4550 masl (14,927 ft).

 Also, this famous lake is surrounded by the Salkantay snow-capped mountain and after enjoying the outstanding views, we will back for our campsite for 3 hours and have some tea then dinner.

So this hiking is enjoying the outdoors out of Cusco city in this famous Salkantay trekking, and explore the spectacular natural beauty of the trekking adventure, and immersing yourself in the sacred Andes mountains in Peru

  • Today hike is 7 hours 15 kilometers ( 9 miles)
  • Sleep in a camping tent

Included: Boxed lunch and afternoon tea, then fresh dinner

Day two: Humantay lake Then Cusco

Today after breakfast, we hike for an hour and 20 minutes uphill to the famous lake Humantay located at 4200 masl (13,779 ft), and enjoy the views, like the glacial mountain of Humantay, then back for an hour to our camping spot, and have some lunch, then the way back to Cusco by our private car, arriving by 6:pm, then we drop you off at your place.

Included For Salkantay Trek 2 Days Plus Camping Without Machupicchu

  • Experienced tour guide
  • Professional chef
  • Private car
  • Oxygen and first aid kit
  • Hiking poles
  • Sleeping bags
  • Some mattresses
  • The entrance fees

Price: For Salkantay Trek 2 Days Without Machupicchu Plus Camping

  • Per person. US$300

Note: We do prices on a friendly budget, just let us know when you want to start this trip. 

How I Book This Salkantay Hike Tour?

For booking this tour, you have to send us, a deposit of $20 dollars through our PayPal account, and PayPal charges 7% from any amount of money to send, and the %7 is charged to you, so that means you need to send us $22 and then the rest of the money in cash when you arrive in Cusco city and then, you need to send us the following details to our WhatsApp number: +51 943388685

  • The date of the tour and type of tour
  • Number of people
  • Address in Cusco city to pick you up for the following tours
  • Email  to keep in touch
  • Passport copy,  the profile side to pay the Peruvian tax

Then, we send you an email confirmation of the deposit and the tour.
Note: The $22 dollars deposit, is for any number of people, for booking this tour, then the rest of the money in Cusco city in cash, it can be in dollars or soles, this is up to you, and also please the final payment with good US$ bills, because the broken dollars bills no working in Peru.

This is our PayPal account to send the deposit:    deposit@chacrastravelperu.com


Can You Do The Salkantay Trek Without A Guide?

Yes, you can do it, and the Salkantay trek trail is mainly one road, from the beginning to the end, and along the trek, there are campsites set up by the farmers from the area  with all the facilities that need the travelers

Should I Book Salkantay Trek In Advance?

It is better to book in advance this trek since we have to book the entrance fees for Machupicchu in advance since the number of people is limited, also the train tickets need to be booked in advance, because the only way to go out from Machupicchu to Ollantaytambo is by train, then by car to Cusco city.

Photos Salkantay 2 days

Humantay trail hike
Our customer hiking to Humantay lake
Humantay lake located at 4200 masl (13,779ft)
Lake Humantay
Hiking to Humantay lake
Humantay lake Peru

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