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Come with us for SALKANTAY TREK PERU with plan Salkantay Trek Machupicchu Plus Humantay lake 5 days 4 nights and enjoy this Salkantay Trekking  Peru with camping and watching snow-capped mountains of Salkantay and Humantay, plus guided by an experienced tour guide, and professional chef along the Salkantay trail to Machupicchu.

First of all, this program is about visiting the sacred lake of Humantay on day 1 after lunch, then in the afternoon we hike to this famous gray color lagoon, then the following days, hiking through the Andes mountains and the beginning of the amazon jungle with watching coffee plantation fields.

Trekking Salkantay Machu Picchu

Therefore, this trek is much better than the traditional Inca trail to Machupicchu, since in this hike a least the bathrooms are good, like being a flushing toilet at the campsite, and moreover, the trek starts from the brown Andes and then ends up at the beginning of the amazon jungle, where is Machupicchu located at 2,400 masl (7,874 ft).

This adventure trek for a couple of days is recommended for the ones who want to spend more days in the mountains of Peru on the way down to Machupicchu with camping and hiking.

Machu Picchu Salkantay Trek

This trek is an alternative trail to arrive at Machupicchu, through the Andes mountains of Salkantay with Camping and having Peruvian food cooked by a professional chef along the route.

Trekking Salkantay to Machu Picchu is through the Andes mountain range, which is part of the Vilcabamba range, and also watches the two beautiful snow-capped mountains, which are considered the key connections with mysticism, and still nowadays are well respected by the locals.

Moreover, this Salkantay adventure has better campsites with wi-fi options, than the traditional Inca trail.

The only recommendation is to be well acclimated to the altitude, at least 2 days of acclimation before starting your trip

Itinerary:  For Trek Salkantay Machupicchu

Day 1: Cusco Mollepata Challcancha Soray Humantay Lake

Today we pick you up by 5.30 am then we ride our car to Mollepata village for 2 hours and then some breakfast and afterward, we keep riding our car for an hour to the beginning of the Salkantay trek and then start hiking through the Andes mountains and the stunning views to some valleys and the two snow-capped mountains of Humantay and Salkantay.
So this hike is gentle for 3 hours until the lunch place and then we get ready to go for the most beautiful lake of Humantay, being the hike uphill for an hour and then spend our afternoon time by the lake and then the way back down to the campsite for 45 minutes and camp.

Day 2: Soraypamapa Salkantay Pass Huayracmachay Chayhuay

Today we wake you up with the traditional coca tea and then some breakfast and afterward we hike for 4 hours uphill to the pass which is located at 4600 masl (15,091ft) and then optional to go for the blue lagoon which is 45 minutes round trip then we just go downhill for 2 hours and a half for the lunch at the place named Huayracmachay and afterward we hike still downhill for 3 hours to our campsite called Chayhuay and located at 2800 masl (9,186ft).
Here camp and tea, then dinner and camp have electricity and chance for the hot shower and shop.

Day 3: Chayhuay Lucmabamba

We wake you up with the coca teas by 5: am and then some breakfast, thus today we start our hike through the beginning of the amazon jungle for 6 hours until the campsite and see a nice waterfall along the trail and some wooden bridges and also plenty native passion fruit and avocado trees then coffee bushes.
So today after delicious lunch you get the option to do some extra adventure like the famous zip line with canopy and then the hot spring, so the zip line is 5 long ropes and very safe with a professional team and then back to the campsite and dinner.

Day 4: Lucmabamba Patallacta Inca Site And Machupicchu View Aguas Calientes Town

After some good breakfast is time to hike for 3 hours uphill to the lost city of the Incas and the outstanding views to Machupicchu mountains and the nice valleys and then 2 hours hike downhill then 30 minutes hike to the lunch place by the train station.
So after lunch, we say goodbye to our cooking team then we hike through the nice valley of Machupicchu for 3 hours and some view of Machupicchu city, and the road is shaded by the trees and aside from the train track and arrives at Aguas Calientes town for the overnight in a hostel.

Day 5: Machupicchu City Then Ollantaytambo Cusco

Time to wake you up by 4: am and then have some breakfast and afterward start hiking to Machupicchu city, first follow the bus road for 20 minutes, and then start to hike uphill to Machupicchu with the stone steps for an hour and as soon as we arrive at Machupicchu control, we take you to the viewpoint from where you will be enjoying the magic view to this site and then tour for couple hours and afterward have some free time then the way back to Aguas Calientes town for your train the way back to Ollantaytambo for 2 hours then by car to Cusco city for another 2 hours.

Included: For Salkantay Trek Machupicchu Plus Humantay Lake 5 Days 4 Nights

  • Tourist transport safe car
  • Professional plus paramedic tour guide
  • Some first aid kit with a fingertip pulse oximeter and oxygen tank for your safety
  • We help you with 7 kilos of your personal belongings
  • Horses to carry all the equipment
  • Professional chef
  • Hotel at Aguas Calientes town

Not Included For Salkantay Trek Machupicchu Plus Humantay Lake 5 Days 4 Nights

  • The last dinner and lunch
  • Some tips for your working team

Bring For: Salkantay Trek Machupicchu Plus Humantay Lake 5 Days 4 Nights

  • Some good clothing for Cold and rain if you can come in the rainy season
  • Mosquito repellent and some sunscreen
  • Some money for extra things along the road
  • Okey hiking shoes
  • Good hiking sticks since the trail has downhills and loose stones

Price For: Salkantay Trek Machupicchu Plus Humantay Lake 5 Days 4 Nights

  • From US$450 Per Person:

Note: We do some discounts for groups, please just write to us for the special discount

Photos Salkantay Humantay Machupicchu

Salkantay trail
Salkantay snow-capped mountain
Salkantay mountains
Humantay lake

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