Salkantay Trek Machupicchu Plus Jungle 9 Days 8 Nights

Get ready for Trek Salkantay Machupicchu with plan Salkantay trek Machupicchu plus jungle 9 days 8 nights. Come for this adventure of a lifetime Salkantay Trekking with camping in the famous Andes mountains, and then start the jungle expeditions, including camping equipment, inflatable roll mats, fresh food, and a motor boat. Join us on an adventure through the eyes of locals!

This Salkantay mountain is one of the third highest snow-peak mountains in South America on the way to Machupicchu, being the top 6,200 masl ( 20,341ft), also close to this mountain, we have other snow-capped mountains with some lagoons at the bottom.

So, the pass of Salkantay is 4,600 masl (ft 15,091) and also, you can have a walk for 30 minutes to see one small lake which is beside the snow-capped mountain of Salkantay, and then dawn hill hiking to the following campsites, and arrive at the beginning of the amazon jungle, where you will see plenty of plantation of coffee bush and avocado trees too, and the end visiting one of the new seventh wonders in the world Machupicchu.

Salkantay Trek & Amazon Jungle Expeditions

Having this trip Salkantay trekking plus Amazon jungle Peru is the best package tour, you can have in Peru, so after the trek with Machupicchu, we are ready to fly to the Amazon jungle Puerto Maldonado, where you will be greeted by our staff.

Then, we take you to the port of the Madre Dios River,  from where we will ride our boat for 45 minutes, then be accommodated in some beautiful eco-lodge, and then the following days doing some tour like looking for the wildlife in this tour named Salkantay trek Machupicchu plus jungle 9 days 8 nights.

Join us for the mountain nature hiking, and jungle tours in Peru, all this on all-inclusive backpacking adventure in a safe way, so this itinerary route adventure will keep amazing you as you try to absorb it all.

Amazon Jungle After Salkantay Trek

The low jungle amazon Puerto Maldonado is very beautiful and is this place one of the right places to see some wildlife and mega trees like wooden vines, and palm trees some of them with some edible fruit, and also here is the proper river which named Rio de Madre de Dios having 350 meters of wide, and the deepest part can be 20 meters even more during the rainy season.

So, the river has native fishes and plenty of wild life-like turtles and alligators then capybaras, and also monkeys and a lot of types of birds from small to big ones and bats then tarantulas and a lot of rare insects and then being connected to the jungle and then by the end we ride you to the airport of Puerto Maldonado from where you ride your flight to Cusco city.

This is the way we have our package tour, named Salkantay trek Machupicchu plus jungle 9 days 8 nights.

Itinerary: For Salkantay & Amazon Trip

Everyday Itinerary: Walking and journey times are approximate

1: Start the Salkantay Trek – Mollepata – Soraypampa(Camping).
2: Soraypampa – Chaullay (Camping).
3: Chaullay – La Playa (Camping).
4: La Playa – Llactapata – Aguas Calientes (Overnight Aguas Calientes).
5: Visit Machupicchu Full day (Overnight Cusco) 6  : Transfer to Cusco Airport (Overnight Puerto Maldonado Lodge)
7: Jungle Exploration (Overnight Puerto Maldonado Lodge)
8: Jungle Exploration (Overnight Puerto Maldonado Lodge)
9: Transfer to Puerto Maldonado Airport to Cusco (End of the Service)

Day 1: Mollepata Trek Soraypampa With The View To Salkantay

We pick you up from your hotel at 4:30 am, then we ride for about 3 hours to Mollepata where we start our Salkantay trek so as soon as we here we have some breakfast, then we start our hike through a dirt road for 3 hours and a half hours to the lunch place with the view to some beautiful snow-capped mountains, like Salkantay and Humantay.

After lunch, we hike  3 hours  through the beautiful valley of Salkantay trek and having a nice gentle road  with views of these snowy mountains, and arriving at our campsite named Soraypampa located at 3600 masl(11,811ft), so if we have some enough time at the camp we can take you to some nice lake, which is 1 hour and a half round trip then dinner by 7:30 pm at the camp

Day 1:  Total distance 15 km (approx.)

• Estimated walking time: 7-8 hours
• Maximum altitude point: 3,800 m (approx.)
• Campsite altitude: 3,800 m (approx.) (Camping)

Day 2: Soraypampa –Chaullay Colpapampa And Pass Salkantay

So today we pick you up at 4:am then have some breakfast and start hiking as soon as you finish your breakfast because this day will be the longest day the first 4 hours is uphill to get the highest point of the Salkantay trek (4650m/15200ft) located this pass between 2 huge mountains and enjoy these magic mountain and plenty photos.

Then we start hiking just downhill through the nice valley towards Huayracpunku where we have some lunch and then we hike through the beginning amazon jungle until we reach our second Salkantay Trek camping spot of Chaullay or Colcapampa (3000m/9800ft).

Day 2:  Total distance: 19 km (approx.)
. Estimated walking time: 8-9 hours
. Maximum altitude point: 4,650 m (approx.)
. Campsite altitude: 3000 masl (approx.) (CAMPING)

Day 3: Chaullay- La Playa- Lumabamba (Cloud Forest)

After breakfast by 6:am, we start walking through the upper jungle crossing the Lluskamayo River and a variety of little brooks to reach La Playa walking about 6 hours so today we pass through valleys, and have wonderful scenic views of waterfalls, and a nice hike road shaded by trees and see tropical fruits, like avocado trees and camping in this nice place full of the coffee plantation.

After lunch free afternoon time and you can play football with the local people or you can taste the local coffee grown by peasant people and have an explanation about the coffee process.

Day 3:  Total distance:   16 km (approx.)

. Estimated walking time:  6-7 hours
. Maximum altitude point: 2,750 m (approx.)
. Campsite altitude:             1,600 m (approx.).(Camping)

Day 4: Llactapata- Hydro-Electric Train Station Aguas Calientes Town

We wake you up by 4:30 am, then some breakfast and time to hike through the original road uphill for 4 hours and arrive to the pass and place called Llactapata, which is an Inca building and view to Machupicchu and its famous mountains and see also some snow-capped mountain.

Then hike downhill for 2 hours and see some waterfalls and cross some suspension bridges, then arrive at the lunch place, and afterward, we hike alongside train lines, through Machupicchu valley shaded by trees, and get the overnight in this ecological town.

Day Four: Total distance: 12 km (approx.)

. Estimated walking time: 5 – 6 hours
. Maximum altitude point: 1,600 m (approx.)
. Hostel (Aguas Calientes) altitude: 1,900 m (aprox.).(HOTEL)

Day 5: Aguas Calientes- Machupicchu- Cusco

After Salkantay hiking, today is an important day so in this case, we will wake you up at 4:30 am to have some breakfast and ride the bus for 30 minutes up to Machupicchu and as soon as we get here we take you to the viewpoint of Machupicchu and then have a tour for a couple of hours with the experienced adult tour guide.

Then you can explore the mysterious city by yourselves so if you will have some energy left you can also climb Huaynapicchu mountain (2720m/8890ft)!!! And it takes 45 minutes to reach the top and after enjoying Machupicchu, we need to go down to Aguas Calientes town to take the train back to Ollantaytambo and then the bus back to Cusco and drop you off at your place.

  • The total distance of hiking: 4 km (approx.) Optional
  • Estimated walking time: 1- 2 hours
  • Maximum altitude point: 2,700 m (aprox.)

Day 6: Cusco/Puerto Maldonado/Eco-Lodge/Monkey Island

Transfer to the Cusco airport to take a flight to Puerto Maldonado when you arrive at Puerto Maldonado so our staff will meet you at the airport and transfer you to the center of the town where you can experience the exotic local market depending on the arrival time of the flights we may have the first lunch here or while traveling to the lodge or in the lodge.

We take our motorboat along the Madre de Dios River for approximately 40 minutes to our Ecolodge then a cool welcome drink awaits you and then we show you, your bungalows to settle in.
In the afternoon we will take a 30-minute boat journey to Monkey Island where you appreciate a great diversity of monkeys such as the spider and capuchin and tamarinds y squirrel monkeys as well as raccoons and capybaras and a rich variety of birds. We return to our Ecolodge for a traditional dinner.

Day 7: Ecolodge/ Sandoval Lake

After a great jungle breakfast, we take 2 hours to walk to the famous Sandoval Lake, passing through virgin forest, home to beautiful flora and fauna including Giant Otters, birds, alligators, turtles, and variety of fishes. We will spend a few hours in wooden canoes on this lake which is one of the most beautiful lakes in the region.

And afterward, we walk the way back to the port of the river where we take our motorboat the way back to the eco-lodge and then later some dinner.

Day 8: Eco-Lodge / Canopy and Zip Lining

Jungle breakfast then we will travel a further 1 hour downriver to the Taricaya project of specialized trails where your guide will show you amazing ecosystem up close (canopy and after that we enjoy coming down from the trees using our zip lining) during which your guide will teach you along with an array of trails.

We will further amaze you with the marvels of the jungle through a gentle hike and learn to recognize bird’s calls and then footprints and plants in this tour package named Salkantay Trek Machupicchu plus jungle 9 days 8 nights.

Day 9: Ecolodge / Parrot’s Clay Lick /Puerto Maldonado / Cusco

Very early departure to witness the spectacle of the Parrot’s Clay Lick and sunrise on the rivers as we journey 1 and half hours to the Clay-Lick wall before hundreds of green parrots congregate at first light each morning.

We will generally be able to spend about one hour and the parrots show up only until before the sunrise and then ride our motorboat the way back to our lodge for some good breakfast.
Check-in 2 hours before your flight to Cusco (Overnight Cusco Hotel).
The end of our trip Salkantay trek Machupicchu plus jungle 9 days 8 nights.

Included: For Salkantay Trek Machupicchu  Plus Jungle 9 Days 8 Nights

  • Cusco – Puerto Maldonado – Cusco airfare
  • Salkantay trek English experienced tour  guide
  • Cook in charge of all meal, Horses: To carry camping equipment and portable table and chairs, food, and kitchen/cooking equipment
  • Horses: To carry duffel bags and passenger Self-inflating Therm-a-rest mattresses (07 kilos per passenger)
  • Camping Equipment 4 season tent(04ppl tent for 02ppl) & Self-inflating Therm-a-rest mattresses
  • Private Bus to km Mollepata, Return Tourist backpacker Train from Aguas Calientes to Ollantaytambo, and Bus back to Cusco.

Amazon jungle

  • Transfer: Puerto Maldonado: Ecolodge (Double occupancy)
  • Puerto Maldonado jungle tour days all included
  • Airport Transfers
  • Salkantay Trek: 03 nights Camping
  • Aguas Calientes Town: 01 (Overnight in Aguas Calientes after the Salkantay Trek)
  • Cusco City: 02 nights (Overnight Cusco)
  • Puerto Maldonado Jungle: 03 overnight in eco-Lodge

Not Included: For Salkantay Trek Machupicchu Plus Jungle 9 Days 8 Nights

  • International Airfares. (Please Give us Details of your Flight Tickets to pick you up from the airport) Flight Number & Company Name.)
  • All airport departure tax – Lima International Departure tax is approximately US$35 and Lima Domestic Departure tax is approximately US$8
  • Additional nights during the trip due to flight cancellations
  • Meal Budget: Allow approx. US$10 US$15 for every meal not included.
  • Sleeping bags and hiking poles so you can rent these equipment from us
  • Tips for the guides, porters, and other staff.
  • Lunch and dinner while you stay in the hotels

Health Insurance For Salkantay Trek Machupicchu  Plus Jungle 9 Days 8 Nights

  • Travel and health insurance. (bring copies with you please): Chacras Travel Peru highly recommends getting insurance for trip cancellation/interruption insurance to protect your travel investment. Included with your pre-departure package, bring your travel insurance to cover trip cancellation, interruption, baggage loss, and delay, emergency medical evacuation insurance, and emergency medical expense insurance.

Bring: For Salkantay Trek Machupicchu  Plus Jungle 9 Days 8 Nights

Most people automatically assume the weather condition in South America, while is the high altitude in the Andes, the temperature can feel quite cold, especially at night.

. We recommend you to put your personal belongings in plastic bags in the duffel bag or backpack, which is easier for you to keep your things dry. A good size daypack is also essential.
• Duck tape and original Passport (and some copies)
•  Airline tickets (and some copies)
•  Any entry visas or vaccination certificates required
• Windproof/waterproof jacket
• Shirts/t-shirts
• Sun hat
• 2 pairs of shorts
• 2 pairs of long trousers *zip off
• Hiking boots/ sturdy walking shoes
• Knee-length socks (to be used with rubber boots, if provided at the jungle lodge)
• Sunblock
•Flashlight (headlight recommended)
• Rain poncho and plastic bags for your personal stuff to keep them dry
• Sleeping bag (it can be hired by our company)

Money Exchange:

Credit cards and debit cards are very useful for cash advances. Visa cards are the most widely accepted cards. While ATMs are widely available, there are no guarantees that your credit cards or debit cards will actually work in Peru. Check with your bank. You should be aware that to purchase products or services on a credit card a fee of 5%-10% usually applies.

Do not rely on credit or debit cards as your only source of money. A combination of US$ dollar cash, traveler’s cheques, and cards is best, although you will usually be charged a commission or given a less-favorable exchange rate for traveler’s cheques. Always take more rather than less for this trip Salkantay trek Machupicchu plus jungle 9 days 8 nights.


Please be advised that slightly torn notes, notes that have been heavily marked or are faded may be difficult to exchange. It is best to bring notes in fairly good condition, in denominations lower than 100 US$ (or equivalent).

Note: That common clothing, batteries, film, medications, and such toiletries as toothpaste, toothbrush, toilet paper, deodorant, and feminine hygiene items are available in Peru. It is best to bring from home such items as prescription meds, eyewear and care, extra-large clothing, shoes, unusual film, and camera batteries.

Also, note that most digital camera memory cards can be downloaded and burned onto a CD in internet cafes in any large city.

Climate: For Salkantay Trek Machupicchu  Plus Jungle 9 Days 8 Nights

Rain is possible at any time of year, especially in high mountains and cloud forests, and one should always be prepared. The climate in the sites we will visit is as follows:
Cuzco: days are warm if sunny, slightly chilly, and cloudy. Nights are cold in Cuzco.
Lima: warm to hot days, cool evenings, almost never any rain. Often overcast.
Inca Trail: variable depending on altitude, from hot to very cold, with rain always a possibility.

Machu Picchu: lower and warmer than Cuzco, with rain possible all year round.
Puno: days are warm if sunny, slightly chilly if cloudy. Nights are cold in Puno.

For your international flights, please check with your airline. Within Peru, you are allowed 20 kilos (44 lbs) of checked baggage, as well as one carry-on and another small, purse-like item. The carry-on size regulations are the same as international carry-on size regulations

Currency Converter For Salkantay Trek Machupicchu Plus Jungle 9 Days 8 Nights

Automatic cash points are available in Lima, Cuzco, and Puno. Visa, MasterCard, Plus, and Cirrus are the most commonly used types of cards. Traveler’s checks (American Express is best!) or a Visa or MasterCard for cash advances are also options.

Do not bring MoneyGrams or International Money Orders, as they are extremely difficult to exchange. Banks and exchange houses are available in Lima, Cuzco, and Puno.

For currency, U.S. dollars are recommended and most easily exchanged. Please note that cash must be untorn. It can be older-looking, but even the slightest tear on an edge will make it un-changeable. Acceptable bills come out of the ATMs in the country.

Expect to spend about US$3-10 on a meal, and US$2 on a beer, water or soft drink in Peru. Shopping prices are usually lower than people expect. Alpaca sweaters, for example, run between $5 and $30.

Price: For Salkantay Trek Machupicchu  Plus Jungle 9 Days 8 Nights

  • Per person: US$1,650

Note: For Salkantay Trek Machupicchu plus jungle 9 days 8 nights we do some discount for this year 2017

How I Book This Salkantay Trail & Jungle

To book this trip, you have to send us a deposit of US$200 dollars through our Paypal account, and Paypal charges the 7% from any amount of money to send, so that means you need to send us, US$214, and then the rest of the money in cash, when you arrive in Cusco city and then, you need to send us the following details to our Gmail: chacrastravelperu@gmail.com

  • The date of the tour and type of tour
  • Number of people
  • Address at Cusco city to pick you up for the following tours
  • Email and WhatsApp to keep in touch
  • Passport copy through WhatsApp to pay the Peruvian tax

Then, we send you an email confirmation of the deposit and the tour.
Note: The US$214 dollars deposit, is per person, for booking this tour, then the rest of the money in Cusco city in cash, it can be in dollars or soles, this is up to you, also please the final payment with good US$ bills, because the broken dollars bills no working in Peru.
This is our PayPal account to send the deposit:   deposit@chacrastravelperu.com


Photos Salkantay Trek Machupicchu

Salkantay trek views
Salkantay mountain
Salkantay Mountains

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