Experience Peru Tours, on a friendly budget with plan tour Lima sacred valley Machupicchu Puno 11D 10N. Traveling Peru Machu Picchu Tour is visiting the most outstanding places, and enjoy the beautiful landscapes of Peru during your tours with us, all in a safe way with pick up and drop off at your hotel.

Afterward, tour Peru’s capital city and explore Lima’s nightlife or sample some of its famed dishes such as ceviche and Pisco sour drink.

Get in touch with us, and receive your personalized quote based on your preferences for all the itinerary trip planning in Peru on a friendly budget, so discover the natural beauty all around Lima, Cusco, and Machu Picchu in 11 days, all private.

Peru Vacation

From Lima Capital, you fly into Cusco city, then we pick you up, and then we transfer you to your hotel. Then time to explore Cusco city, which was, once the capital of the Incas, then the next day explore the Sacred Valley of the Incas,

Then Machupicchu tour, afterward ready to visit all the important places on the way to Puno, and by the end the magic Lake Titicaca, floating islands, and then transfer to the Juliaca airport.

Therefore, much better to have this tour is in a private way, so you will have enough time for the day tour at your own pace with plenty of time for the photos and stops at the viewpoints, along the route during the day tour times.

Also, we have an oxygen tank for tourist attraction places located at high altitudes in Cusco Peru.

We take care of it all from door to door.

Itinerary: For Package Tour For Peru 

Tour Lima Sacred Valley Machupicchu Puno 11D10N

Day 1: Arrive Lima City Tour (Overnight Hotel Lima).
Day 2:  Arrive Cusco and Cusco City Tour (Overnight Hotel Cusco).
Day 3:  Sacred Valley of the Incas (Pisaq, Ollantaytambo & Chincheros(Overnight Hotel Cusco).
Days 4 – 5: Start the Lares Trek ( overnight camping with llamas and alpacas)
Days6: Train Ollantaytambo to Aguas Calientes Town (Overnight Hotel Aguas Calientes).
Day 7:  Aguas Calientes Town to Machu Picchu Inca Site (Overnight Hotel Cusco).
Day 8: Travel from Cusco to Puno and visit Andahuaylillas church, Raqchi Inca temple, Pucapucara lytic Museum, then Puno city.

Puno (Overnight Hotel Puno).

Day 9: Visit the beautiful floating island named Uros and Amantani, Taquile Island on Lake Titicaca (Overnight Amantani homestay).
Day 10:  Island Visits – Taquile Island (Overnight Hotel Puno).
Day11: Transfer to your Hotel in Puno (end of the Service)

Programs For Tour Lima Sacred Valley Machupicchu Puno 11D10N

Day 1: Arrive In Lima And Transfer To Your Hotel

If arriving during the day, your Hotel will be in the neighborhood of Miraflores, with good shopping and restaurants, and you’ll have an included City Tour in the afternoon. If you arrive late at night, you’ll be close to the airport for a bit more sleep before your next day’s flight, and you’ll have a tour of Lima Capital upon your return.

Day 2: Morning Flight Over The Andes To Cuzco

After checking into your hotel, we go to the Plaza de Armas, the center of old Colonial Cuzco, and then climb up to the ruins of Sacsayhuaman above town for outstanding views and depending on your arrival time to have extra time for shopping or more Inca sightseeing in the afternoon around Cusco City.

Day 3: Tour Travel Through The Sacred Valley

Enjoying the outstanding views of the snowcapped mountains and then see some farming towns along the road and some archaeological sites of Pisaq and Ollantaytambo and learn about the local farmer’s people, their way of life, and their traditional weaving techniques, and then we go to Chincheros where explore the last place of the sacred valley of the Incas and then the way back to Cusco. (HOTEL)

Lares Trekking In Peru To Machupicchu For 4 Days

Day 4: Cusco– Calca-Hot Spring-Hucawasi Inca Village

We leave from Cusco early in the morning by bus, and ride through the Sacred Valley, and arrive at Lares Valley, where we find some natural hot spring, with many pools, and having breakfast here, then get ready to walk, through the nice Valley of Huaccawasi Inca community, and spend the overnight here and then sharing some local drinking chocolate with Inca children.

The distance of hiking: 6 hours and 12km
Maximum altitude point: 3,800 m (approx.)
Campsite altitude: 3,800 m (approx.)

Day 5: Wacawasi-Condor-Pass-Mantanay

Wake up by 6:am, and breakfast then we hike on the gentle way up for four hours to the magic pass named the condor pass, which is located at 4600 masl, from where we see some snowcapped mountains and some lagoons having the shape of South America map then after some photos we walk 30 minutes down to the lunch place named Aurayccocha, located at 4000 masl.

After some lunch, we walk 2 hours down to the campsite named Mantanay, located at 3600 masl, surrounded by native forest.

A total distance of hiking: 15 km
Estimated walking time: 7 hours
Maximum altitude point: 4,600 m

Campsite altitude: 3,600 masl

Day 6: Manatanay -Ollantaytambo-Aguas-Calientes -Town

Today we hike through the valley full of native trees forest for four hours and arrive at the place named Yanahuara which is famous for the largest corn grain in the world, and also here the farmers drink as daily drink corn beer, and have their houses made with mud-brick and have a tiled roof with some small clay bulls on the top of the roof as the symbol of being Catholics.

Also between the small clay bulls on the roof, you see a tiny wooden cross, so here is lunch and afterward we say goodbye to the hiking team, then we ride our car for 40 minutes to Ollantaytambo so, here if we have some free time we can walk around the place and then we ride the train down to Aguas Calientes town and drop you off at your hostel.

Today we hike 4 hours 8 k.m

Day 7: Aguas Calientes Town-Machupicchu

Wake up at 4:30 am then breakfast and afterward, we go for the bus, with your tour guide and ride the bus for 30 minutes, and as soon as we get to Machupicchu we take you to the viewpoint, and then the tour guide in the city for 2 hours and a half and then enjoy your free time, and then, we ride a bus the way back to Aguas Calientes town for the lunch, afterward the train the way back to Ollantaytambo town.

Then, bus to Cusco and arrive by 8:pm and drop you off at your hotel and then have some dinner, so Cusco is known as a place of Andean cuisine and has many options for restaurants to have some Peruvian cuisine food.

Day 8: Cusco Puno

The bus ride from Cusco to Puno with stops at some important places along the road like the first Rachi Inca site and then la Raya which you read below) Leaving Cusco at 7:00 am arriving in Puno at 5:00 pm, then taking to your Hotel.


It is named the «Sixtine Chapel of America» and in some sense the comparison examples of the Andean popular religious art. The church of Andahuaylias is a piece of jewelry of the mestizo baroque architecture that developed in Cusco. Its nave presents profuse decoration, especially in the ceiling decorated with carved panels which is a recover with pan de Oro (a type of gold decoration).


(Temple of Wiracocha God): To 121 Km of Cusco, it was an Inca church of monumental dimensions: 100 meters of length by 26 meters of wide and 14 meters of height; the temple is divided into two naves and each nave shows basics of 11 giant columns. The bases of the church are built perfectly in carving stones continued with adobe or mud brick. It is appreciated some beautiful warehouses in round-shaped and also some streets having some alignment with the sunrise of solstices.


Media point in the route of Cusco – Puno. It is the highest part, it has 4335 meters above sea level, we can appreciate beautiful landscapes, full of llamas, alpacas, and vicunas, which geographic union between two cultures Quechua and Aymaras, we can see the arid Altiplano and dry union with the Quechua zone with rivers and valleys.


It is the most important and oldest ceremonial center of the Altiplano, preceding to Tiahuanaco, characterized by a series of echelon platforms Ceremonial Center. It’s also possible to appreciate some stone monuments

Day 9: Floating Islands Uros-Amantany

Wake by 6:am and have breakfast and then we ride you to the port and then ride the motorboat excursion on the Lake Titicaca and visit unique floating islands of Uros and in brief some explanation from your local tour guide about it and ride the traditional reed boat for a while.

Then time to ride our boat to Amantani Island, which is inhabited by over 3,000 Quechua people still governed by their ancient traditions and whose main occupations are the production of ceramics and textiles, and then explore the Inca archaeological remains of the island, named Pachatata and Pachamama.

The positive energy here is so powerful, once you climb to the top of the summit of this island, you will be enjoying some panoramic views of the lake and appreciate the amazing sunset, above the peninsulas of the lake, during the dry season and
at night we have some traditional dinner and later by 8:pm be ready for some local party, which lasts for two hours and then time to bed.

Day 10: Taquile-Puno Town

After breakfast, we ride you to the port to the next Taquile Irland and see the islanders and enjoy the outstanding views and watch these traditional people how they wear their clothes.

Have some traditional lunch with islanders and plenty of photos, mainly amazing views, and see also the Crafts made by these people, and then the way back to Puno City.

Day 11: Airport Juliaca-Lima

We take you to the airport if you have a flight From Juliaca town to Lima. International flights may depart any time after 12: pm

Add on the Nazca Lines, the Amazon Rainforest, Colca Canyon, and other extension tours or treks. Please let us know.

Included For Tour Lima Sacred Valley Machupicchu Puno 11D10N

  • Lima – Cusco Airfare
  • Juliaca – Lima Airfare
  • Hiking to Lares trek
  • Meals are included during the hiking time to Lares trek
  • LIMA: 01 nights of hotel accommodation
  • CUSCO: 03 nights of hotel accommodation
  • AGUAS CALIENTES: 01 nights of Hostel accommodation
  • PUNO: 02 nights of hotel accommodation
  • AMANTANI ISLAND: 01 night of homestay in Amantani Island (Puno)
  • Lima Tour: City Tour

 Not Included Tour Lima Sacred Valley Machupicchu Puno 11D10N

  • Some food
  • Any unexpected situations occurred during the journey and which are beyond our control like including changes in scheduling trains or flights delays, strikes, cancellations and missed connections, and so forth, it be covered by the passenger as a whole
  • Some physical problems of health, we do not include hospitalization

What You Need For Tour Lima Sacred Valley Machupicchu Puno 11D10N

  • Original Passport (and some copies)
  • Travel insurance (and some copies)
  • Some waterproof equipment during the rainy season
  • Some fleeces for the cold weather
  • Sunblock and sunglasses
  • Wool hat and mitts or gloves (preferably waterproof)
  •  Rain poncho and plastic bags for your personal stuff to keep them dry in the duffels provided to you
  • Some sleeping bag

Money Exchange:

Credit cards and debit cards are very useful for cash advances. Visa cards are the most widely accepted cards. While ATMs are widely available, there are no guarantees that your credit cards or debit cards will actually work in Peru.


Please be advised that slightly torn notes, notes that have been heavily marked or are faded may be difficult to exchange. It is best to bring notes in fairly good condition in denominations lower than 100 US$ (or equivalent).


Rain is possible at any time of year, especially in high mountains and cloud forests and one should always be prepared. The climate in the sites we will visit is as follows:

Cuzco: Days are warm if sunny and slightly chilly if cloudy and then nights are cold in Cuzco.
Lima: warm to hot days cool evenings almost never any rain
Machu Picchu: Lower and warmer than Cuzco with rain possible all year round
Puno: Days are warm if sunny slightly chilly if cloudy and nights are cold in Puno


For your international flights, please check with your airline. Within Peru, you are allowed 20 kilos (44 lbs) of checked baggage, as well as one carry-on and another small, purse-like item. The carry-on size regulations are the same as international carry-on size regulations

Currency Converter

Automatic cash points are available in Lima like Cuzco and Puno and Visa and then MasterCard, Plus and Cirrus are the most commonly used types of cards and traveler’s checks (American Express is best!) or a Visa or MasterCard for cash advances are also options and do not bring money grams or International money orders as they are extremely difficult to exchange.

An Important Note: Tour Lima Sacred Valley Machupicchu Puno 11D10N

  • We help you with the exchange of money from dollars to soles in a safe way

Price: Tour Lima Sacred Valley Machupicchu Puno 11D10N

Double room with twin beds in Hotels: US$ 2800.00 per person

Note: We do some discounts, all year round, for this nice package tour, just write us on our Gmail or info on the website

Photos Peru package tour 11 days

Lake Titicaca

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