Take this unforgettable Maras Moray Tour in Peru, on a friendly budget with plenty of time for photos and exploring these sites, for Moray Maras Tour, we start from Cusco city riding our transport through the beautiful landscapes of the Andes mountains, watching along the route some lagoons and farming fields, and snow-capped mountains.

Also, enjoy the stunning landscape of the salt mine, named in the Quechua language Maras, and still worked like used to be in the Inca time, then you get the chance to see how the local people nowadays work on harvesting with local tools to extract the salt from the shallow pools.

The salt pans are formed by retaining walls made with stone and mud mortar, forming dikes that delimit the wells as small reservoirs of approximately 5 square meters.

Moreover, the conduction system of the saltwater is through a stream that nourishes the pools with mild temperature saltwater, afterward, the minerals of the saltwater turn into crystals, then ready to be farmed in layers for human consumption and animals.

Come with us for this magical day tour on a friendly budget, moreover, we are one of the best tour companies in Peru, and we are well recommended by Trip Advisor with more than 376 excellent reviews. 

Note: Also, along the route to the salt mine and Moray Inca site,  you can do some nice sport of zip lines, with a view of the famous sacred valley of the Incas.

Cusco, Peru Salt Mines

Firstly, the Moray Inca site is located at 3500 masl (11,482ft). Then Maras salt mine is situated at 3000 masl (9,842ft). So these places are located on the route to the famous sacred valley of the Incas and close to the Urubamba town, with outstanding views.

Also, these salt ponds are located in Qori Mocco valley, which means the «gold valley» where this valley is full of dark red color, which makes this place unique with amazing mystical feeling and views, plus the white salty pools start brightening when are sunny days, being the best time for taking pictures.

So, the use of the salt of Maras dates from thousands of years, and is inherited in each family and managed in a cooperative way and these places are the highlights of Cusco city Peru, for our customers from all over the places.

Moreover, we are a local company, based in Cusco city, working 24 hours, also we are well recommended, on Trip Advisor company and google reviews, by our real customers.

Also, we take you straight to the Inca sites, on a private tour with stops at the viewpoints for some photos, since these places are surrounded by yellow-green fields of wheat, potatoes, and corn.

Peru Salt Mines 

This is the most beautiful salt mine with more than 3000 pools, located along the sacred valley of the Incas in the Cusco region and Peru country,  surrounded by the Andes mountain range and the view of the Vilcanota river.

The way to arrive at these salt pools, is a tour, from Cusco city or from the sacred valley of the Incas and organized in a shared group or private group, but much better is in a private group, so you have enough time for exploring and then do the connection to the Moray Inca site too.

Moreover, we start this day tour of Maras salt mine, from anywhere you are in the Cusco region, like from Cusco, Pisaq, Yanahuara, Urubamba, Yucay, Ollantaytambo, also this beautiful salt mine is located along the sacred valley of the Incas, in the province of the Maras town with the view to the river named Vilcanota.

Description About Maras Moray Tour Peru

Tour Moray Maras salt mine Cusco, is situated in Cusco, Peru, between peasant communities of Miskay and Kaccllarakay. Firstly the salt mine is composed of three thousand and three hundred pools with 5 square meters each, and then the water seeps into the pools, and evaporates by the action of the intense sun, causing coarse salt crystals to sprout and after 33 days the salt reaches 10 cm, of height and has to be harvested in layers.

Secondly, the pink salt layer is the most useful for humanity, then the view of the set of pools is spectacular also along the ride we see nice farming fields of potatoes and quinoa, wheat and barley, and some snow-capped mountains far away too.

Then, we visit the amazing agricultural terraces of Moray and also the beautiful salt evaporation ponds of Maras Salt Mine and do not miss the opportunity to visit these places with our experienced tour guide and enjoy the history and outstanding views.

In The Morning: Tour Moray Maras Salt Mine Cusco

We pick you up at 8: am for Maras Moray private day tour and ride you through the nice landscape, and arrive in an hour at the salt mine, then arrive first to the viewpoint for enjoying the amazing views then we visit the salty pools.

Then, we go to Moray and see these amazing agricultural terraces, from the Inca time, where the Incas practiced the adaptation of tropical plants and tubers to this area of cold Andes mountains and afterward on the way back to Cusco, we visit Chincheros then we drop you off at Cusco city, at your place by 2:pm

On The Afternoon: Private Maras Moray Tour Cusco

We pick you up at 1:pm, in your hotel, and then we go by our private car through these stunning places, so the tour starts with a visit to the Colonial town of Maras and then we continue to the nearby Inca site of Moray which is a magnificent series of terrace circles set into the ground that was once used by the Incas for experimentation crops.

Afterward, the final destination is the salt mines which have been in use since Pre-Inca times the water comes through a subterranean stream and then is channeled through pools where it evaporates and leaves behind pure salt crystals with thousands of stark white pools stretching down the valley, then offering stunning views then back to Cusco city and we drop you off at your hotel by 6:pm.

Note: We follow, your scheduled time for this tour Maras Moray private day tour, you just let us know, when you want to start this tour.

Useful Information About For Tour Moray Maras Salt Mine Cusco

We do the daily departures in the morning and in the afternoon, or any time you are free for this day tour, and also our private tours are easily customized based on your interests and schedule.

Included: Tour Moray Maras Salt Mine Cusco

  • Private transport round trip
  • Experienced tour guide
  • Oxygen tank in the car, in case we can need it
  • Local taxes

Not Included: Tour Moray Maras Salt Mine Cusco

  •  Lunch
  • 10 soles are the entrance fees to salt mine Maras
  • 70 soles are the entrance fees to the Moray Inca site
  • You buy the tickets, at the first Inca site, (If you have your Boleto Turistico, just bring it)

Bring: For Tour Moray Maras Salt Mine Cusco

  • Tourist ticket, if you do not have it, you can buy it at the first checkpoint
  • Some Sun hat
  • Sun protection cream (factor 35 recommended)
  • Waterproof jacket/rain poncho during the rainy season
  • Bring some water and some snacks for yourselves

Price: Private Service Maras Salt Mine Moray Day Tours Cusco

  • In a shared group: Per person $US35 (Included, tour guide, transport)
  • In the private group: Per person $US60 (Included, tour guide, private transport) we need at least 2 people for this tour

We  Provide Only Transport Service, Round Trip For Morays Maras Salt Mine

  • Taxi round trip: $US100
  • Van round trip: $US130

Note For: Tour Moray Maras Salt Mine Cusco

We do some discounts all year round, for our customers, just write us, please, for some discount and we adapt our tours to your budget and scheduled time, and so we take care of it all from to door, also you can tell us the number of people you are to organize minivan, for this day tour for Maras Moray located out of Cusco city Peru.

High Altitude Problems For Maras Moray Salt Mine

When people book their tour to Peru, mainly Cusco city, they start asking and wondering about altitude sickness, since this city is located at a high altitude along the Andes Mountain at 3300masl (10.826ft)   so according to the doctors in this high altitude the air contains less oxygen. That is the way, we recommend to all the travelers coming here to Cusco, Peru to spend at least two days at this place, before starting any hikes through the mountain, but you can start with the day tours.

So, the symptoms from a high altitude will be, headaches, no appetite and just being out of breath and sometimes just feeling sleepy, in other to be okay with high altitude, just drink plenty of water and eat just the easy digest food, like bland soup and no meat and no alcohol and moreover, the coca tea is the best since the coca bush contains an alkaloid, which helps to bring more oxygen to your blood or in the other hand, you can use the pills named Diamox for high altitude, which is recommended by the doctor.

How I Book This Moray Maras & Salt Mine Tour?

To book this tour, you have to send us, a deposit of $20 dollars through our PayPal account, PayPal charges 7% from any amount of money to send, and the %7 is charged to you, so that means you need to send us $22 and then the rest of the money in cash when you arrive in Cusco city and then, you need to send us the following details to our WhatsApp number.

  • The date of the tour and type of tour
  • Number of people
  • Address in Cusco city to pick you up for the following tours
  • Email  to keep in touch
  • Passport copy,  the profile side to pay the Peruvian tax

Then, we send you an email confirmation of the deposit and the tour.
Note: The $22 dollars deposit, is for any number of people, for booking this tour, then the rest of the money in Cusco city in cash, it can be in dollars or soles, this is up to you, and also please the final payment with good US$ bills, because the broken dollars bills no working in Peru.

This is our PayPal account to send the deposit:    deposit@chacrastravelperu.com

 Some FAQ

What Was Moray Used For?

Moray is an Inca time building, and this site is located on the way to the sacred valley of the Incas and was used as terraces of agricultural experimentation, so this site has many rounded terraces, being 100 meters deep, mainly the terraces are filled with layers of material, like soil and sand.

So, the first level of the terraces is filled with small stones, and the second layer is full of fine sand, then the third level is full of fertile soil, also terraces were used to adopt, types of plants, from the beginning of the amazon jungle, such as coca bush and the tropical tubers.

Moreover, the Incas to keep the warm temperature in the rounded terraces used types of stones, and to drain the water they used volcanic stones.

What Does Moray Mean?

Moray is an Inca language word, and this site was made by Incas in Cusco, Peru, so Moray means (white frozen potatoes)

Moray Inca Site Altitude In Peru?

This Inca site is located in the Andes mountain, in Cusco, Peru, and situated at 3,500 masl (11,500 ft)

Photos About Moray Maras & Salt Mines Tour

Salt Mine
Moray Inca Site View
Salt Mine Maras View

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